Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trip to Ampang!Hmmm..Korean culture! =D

Today my sister brought me to Ampang, kampung of Koreans! She introduce me to her friend, Yoon Jae Hee, what a unique name! =) Anyway, we went to Ampang there, there's a lot of food over there,especially BBQ, I long wanted to taste the sweet BBQ pork and beef.. They smash the meat before cooking, that what's make it so nice.. Jae Hee introduce us some korean ice cream..They are actually quite delicious and yummy..Juicy..

By the way, her culture is so much different,I think they emphasized on moral and manners..When someone elder than her passed by her, she will greet. We as Malaysians seldom did that,she said its like a culture or compulsory to greet elders otherwise considered as being rude.. She took us to this restoran, they are very friendly..Smiling for 24 hours.. Korean also have 1 culture that is to SERVE!! Hahaha!! Basic or basics!

Korean normally eat with soup,its abnormal for them with the absence of soup.. And your soup must be on the left side,ur rice on the right..Cuz soup on the right is respect of the dead.. Yummy, they are famous for KIM CHI! Delicious.. Talked to her a lot more on the entertainment world,haha! Drama and pop songs! We later went Ampang point,the shopping mall,quite big,but we just walk a few rounds only..

This is Jae Hee,she's a Korean,pretty leh..

Nothing better to do,my sister suggest us to do that =)

Took outside of the restoran =)
Me and my sis =)

Me and Jae Hee =D

Take 2!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya Holiday!! =D

Finally its Hari Raya holiday!! Now I can hear "RAYA" songs in the radio everywhere I drove..Hahaha! By the way, this Saturday service pastor invited a worship band from Brisbane..Its Brisbane City Church..Their Praise and Worship session just so simply awesome! I mean its so loud and lively! Hehe..! The worship is strong with the presence of God..Even its Raya Holiday but church is still pack!

Emerge is on the way soon!! I love that event! Never miss it!! Must win some medals! Last year I won Gold medal for basketball 3 point shootout! Bronze for 3 on 3 basketball.. After service, I suggested we go pyramid to have dinner..And they did! Hehehe!! We ate at Wong Kok! This restoran origin from Hong Kong almost similar like Kim Gary.. We hang out there all day long from 8.30pm till 11pm plus..We are super hyper! Played games,truth or dare? Hahaa! Anyway,we just enjoyed ourselves there..

Oh,its Ruth birthday! We secretly bought cake inside pyramid while she is eating..Hehe..! I think she is quite bless..We sang all kinds of language song for her birthday song..Letticia brought her gang along to celebrate for her too! =) Glad that you are happy Ruth! Happy birthday! These are photos taken during our dinner in pyramid..

Photo taking for guys!

I don't understand why must take all guys and all girls,cannot mix meh? Xp
We are just being playful,hyper d..The boys toilet was sealed that day
So we just thought of this silly idea,Elaine and Sharon suggest us to take a photo of this Xp

Ruth! Happy birthday!!

Ruth" Weird...Why sing so many birthday songs?" ~.=

Haha!! Happy Hari Raya to everyone..Hope you guys have a bless! Bless! RAYA holiday! =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I too late? EMO~ =(

Am I too late? I hear a lot from the elders to appreciate everything you have in life.. Now I finally know.. Well, humans won't learn until they really experience it,when troubles come, we only finally realized.. If only we prepared earlier, and when we are screwed, we hope to repair and correct our mistakes from the past,hoping for another chance.. Chances are always there,if we don't grasp it,you won't know when will be the next opportunity,it could be months later,years later,a decade if possible...

Well, I experienced it now..Do you know the feeling of hopeless without a chance in your life..I swore to really treasure it when opportunity comes, but it seems that it won't come.. I waited for so long..Before that, I had so many chance..However, I never bother to approach it, thinking that there will be NEXT TIME..Well,after many chance passed by, NEXT TIME seems so far away..My heart felt so remorseful..

Well, I learned my lesson to appreciate things,looking things on different perspective,every angle..Despite of their flawless, but their strength..

Wanna thank God He gave me height,I'm tall.. Hehehe..Everyone said that..Not everyone is granted with height especially in Malaysia.. Talents too! Thank God He granted me with many gifts in my vocal skills, dancing.. Thank my mum too!! She also helped me to realize what I'm good in when I'm still a small kid..She took me for classes, example: Piano,Badminton,Swimming,Basketball,Guitar,Dancing and she pays everything!! Besides this, I have a wonderful CHURCH! City Harvest Church with wonderful people in my cell group!

As for relationship issues..Haha! Haizzz its complicated!I usually keep it to myself.. Here in blog is very dangerous cuz its public!! Anyway my mid semester exam is over! We will be having holiday for 1 week for Hari Raya! =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smile =)

Oh my gosh!! Exam is around the corner!! Mr Kumar which is my account lecturer said that mid semester exam is an important week of our lives.. But I don't think so.. I think the day we born and the day we got married is the most important day of our life.. He shouldn't used the word "Most" hahah!! Xp By the way, I haven't touch my book and revision notes..Planning to revise tommorrow which is 1 day before the exam..

Sien lo..After exam, must go out and enjoy 1 week of holiday!! Hari Raya is coming soon!! Planning to go outing steamboat with my friends.. After finalizing our outing lists, we decided to go sing K!! Ian's cell group which is W-11 love singing a lot.. Anyway, he lead prayer meeting yesterday before servic
e.. It was powerful and convincing!! =) Jiayou Ian!

By the way, this is are the random photos took last year during cell group multiplication day:

Who is this pretty girl? Joy! My cell group leader now

She is just playful when it comes to camwhoring.. =)


I suddenly realized last time I don't know how to smile in front of the camera..I thought I was smiling, but actually its the opposite way.. The feedback turns out to be a sour face..Until my friend taught me and through my observation..I can only smile unconsciously but not in front of the camera... =)

Hahaha!! This is better...!! Took last thursday!
Lol! So much difference! =)

Exam week jiayou! Jiayou!! Xp

Friday, September 4, 2009

Miss W-11!!

I reli miss W-11, my so called " Parent" cell group, I've been there for 2 and a half years!! First with Wen Dee then Ian How then now Joy Goh! Currently in W-28.. Miss those days.. When I attend Ian's cell group, gotta see how his members is growing,so touch! I mean they are so happening,they are just so happy.. I seldom smile that broad..Once I came to Ian's cell group..Somehow just so different..I felt I missed them so much and love them! Awww..!! =)

These are the photos taken after the production:

Vincent,Jeremy,me and Cheryl

Vincent,Jeremy and me =)
Me and Cheryl ^^
The guys XD
W-11 cool hats photos!

All the cast for the production " Will You Marry Me? "

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MJ dance crew production~

Here are the photos took during the production.. My dance crew members of City Harvest!!

MJ dancers+Models =)

Me and Sarah Xp

Me and Cindy

MJ dancers+ Actor+ Body Combater =D

Oh yea! XD

Hiding our identification..

MJ dancers+ Auntie ^^