Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I too late? EMO~ =(

Am I too late? I hear a lot from the elders to appreciate everything you have in life.. Now I finally know.. Well, humans won't learn until they really experience it,when troubles come, we only finally realized.. If only we prepared earlier, and when we are screwed, we hope to repair and correct our mistakes from the past,hoping for another chance.. Chances are always there,if we don't grasp it,you won't know when will be the next opportunity,it could be months later,years later,a decade if possible...

Well, I experienced it now..Do you know the feeling of hopeless without a chance in your life..I swore to really treasure it when opportunity comes, but it seems that it won't come.. I waited for so long..Before that, I had so many chance..However, I never bother to approach it, thinking that there will be NEXT TIME..Well,after many chance passed by, NEXT TIME seems so far away..My heart felt so remorseful..

Well, I learned my lesson to appreciate things,looking things on different perspective,every angle..Despite of their flawless, but their strength..

Wanna thank God He gave me height,I'm tall.. Hehehe..Everyone said that..Not everyone is granted with height especially in Malaysia.. Talents too! Thank God He granted me with many gifts in my vocal skills, dancing.. Thank my mum too!! She also helped me to realize what I'm good in when I'm still a small kid..She took me for classes, example: Piano,Badminton,Swimming,Basketball,Guitar,Dancing and she pays everything!! Besides this, I have a wonderful CHURCH! City Harvest Church with wonderful people in my cell group!

As for relationship issues..Haha! Haizzz its complicated!I usually keep it to myself.. Here in blog is very dangerous cuz its public!! Anyway my mid semester exam is over! We will be having holiday for 1 week for Hari Raya! =)

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