Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smile =)

Oh my gosh!! Exam is around the corner!! Mr Kumar which is my account lecturer said that mid semester exam is an important week of our lives.. But I don't think so.. I think the day we born and the day we got married is the most important day of our life.. He shouldn't used the word "Most" hahah!! Xp By the way, I haven't touch my book and revision notes..Planning to revise tommorrow which is 1 day before the exam..

Sien lo..After exam, must go out and enjoy 1 week of holiday!! Hari Raya is coming soon!! Planning to go outing steamboat with my friends.. After finalizing our outing lists, we decided to go sing K!! Ian's cell group which is W-11 love singing a lot.. Anyway, he lead prayer meeting yesterday before servic
e.. It was powerful and convincing!! =) Jiayou Ian!

By the way, this is are the random photos took last year during cell group multiplication day:

Who is this pretty girl? Joy! My cell group leader now

She is just playful when it comes to camwhoring.. =)


I suddenly realized last time I don't know how to smile in front of the camera..I thought I was smiling, but actually its the opposite way.. The feedback turns out to be a sour face..Until my friend taught me and through my observation..I can only smile unconsciously but not in front of the camera... =)

Hahaha!! This is better...!! Took last thursday!
Lol! So much difference! =)

Exam week jiayou! Jiayou!! Xp

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