Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya Holiday!! =D

Finally its Hari Raya holiday!! Now I can hear "RAYA" songs in the radio everywhere I drove..Hahaha! By the way, this Saturday service pastor invited a worship band from Brisbane..Its Brisbane City Church..Their Praise and Worship session just so simply awesome! I mean its so loud and lively! Hehe..! The worship is strong with the presence of God..Even its Raya Holiday but church is still pack!

Emerge is on the way soon!! I love that event! Never miss it!! Must win some medals! Last year I won Gold medal for basketball 3 point shootout! Bronze for 3 on 3 basketball.. After service, I suggested we go pyramid to have dinner..And they did! Hehehe!! We ate at Wong Kok! This restoran origin from Hong Kong almost similar like Kim Gary.. We hang out there all day long from 8.30pm till 11pm plus..We are super hyper! Played games,truth or dare? Hahaa! Anyway,we just enjoyed ourselves there..

Oh,its Ruth birthday! We secretly bought cake inside pyramid while she is eating..Hehe..! I think she is quite bless..We sang all kinds of language song for her birthday song..Letticia brought her gang along to celebrate for her too! =) Glad that you are happy Ruth! Happy birthday! These are photos taken during our dinner in pyramid..

Photo taking for guys!

I don't understand why must take all guys and all girls,cannot mix meh? Xp
We are just being playful,hyper d..The boys toilet was sealed that day
So we just thought of this silly idea,Elaine and Sharon suggest us to take a photo of this Xp

Ruth! Happy birthday!!

Ruth" Weird...Why sing so many birthday songs?" ~.=

Haha!! Happy Hari Raya to everyone..Hope you guys have a bless! Bless! RAYA holiday! =)

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