Friday, September 4, 2009

Miss W-11!!

I reli miss W-11, my so called " Parent" cell group, I've been there for 2 and a half years!! First with Wen Dee then Ian How then now Joy Goh! Currently in W-28.. Miss those days.. When I attend Ian's cell group, gotta see how his members is growing,so touch! I mean they are so happening,they are just so happy.. I seldom smile that broad..Once I came to Ian's cell group..Somehow just so different..I felt I missed them so much and love them! Awww..!! =)

These are the photos taken after the production:

Vincent,Jeremy,me and Cheryl

Vincent,Jeremy and me =)
Me and Cheryl ^^
The guys XD
W-11 cool hats photos!

All the cast for the production " Will You Marry Me? "

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