Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trip to Ampang!Hmmm..Korean culture! =D

Today my sister brought me to Ampang, kampung of Koreans! She introduce me to her friend, Yoon Jae Hee, what a unique name! =) Anyway, we went to Ampang there, there's a lot of food over there,especially BBQ, I long wanted to taste the sweet BBQ pork and beef.. They smash the meat before cooking, that what's make it so nice.. Jae Hee introduce us some korean ice cream..They are actually quite delicious and yummy..Juicy..

By the way, her culture is so much different,I think they emphasized on moral and manners..When someone elder than her passed by her, she will greet. We as Malaysians seldom did that,she said its like a culture or compulsory to greet elders otherwise considered as being rude.. She took us to this restoran, they are very friendly..Smiling for 24 hours.. Korean also have 1 culture that is to SERVE!! Hahaha!! Basic or basics!

Korean normally eat with soup,its abnormal for them with the absence of soup.. And your soup must be on the left side,ur rice on the right..Cuz soup on the right is respect of the dead.. Yummy, they are famous for KIM CHI! Delicious.. Talked to her a lot more on the entertainment world,haha! Drama and pop songs! We later went Ampang point,the shopping mall,quite big,but we just walk a few rounds only..

This is Jae Hee,she's a Korean,pretty leh..

Nothing better to do,my sister suggest us to do that =)

Took outside of the restoran =)
Me and my sis =)

Me and Jae Hee =D

Take 2!

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