Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great weekend~

Phew! After a stressful week from college.. My favourite day is Friday and Saturday, sometimes it could be Sunday too. It depends.. By the way, its EMERGE season, every day, every night, every second will be thinking of EMERGE. This time is EMERGE RISING!! Very exciting event every year.. Now thinking about it time passes by so fast!! Almost end of the year, getting older d.. Sad... Anyway, I had fun during Youth Rising on Friday, even its a new song but Murray band was simply awesome! And I enjoyed fellowshiping with my cell group friends, we celebrated Justin's birthday, gave him a surprise in Salmon Steak, we yum cha there until 12am like that, then we birthday bash him in front of his house with water gun fully loaded..haha!! I just felt so happy when I fellowship with them, so happy, its like I said before I seldom smile like that before. " There is only a limit of things that would able to make me smile" Anyway, we are having fun crapping and playing games..

Eating Snowflakes in Macdonalds,cuz the Snowflakes is fully occupied..

Clarissa, Elaine and me..

Ok, thats all for now..Tired ah.. Yawn~

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