Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interesting people in my life.. XD

Yesterday all the high school babies in my cell group celebrated their so called " Independence day!!" Their finals just ended.. Now they can fully celebrate their holidays for 1 month plus! I totally miss high school too, the old days was so relaxing and less stress back then.. Anyway so happy to see them jump for joy.. They are so different yesterday night after the service, they can just keep talking and talking non-stop.. On the other hand, they kept making me laugh, the way they talk, I found it cute and adorable..

Lol! Phei Wen and her sister, Cheryl.. They create a lot of LAME jokes, a bit cold too.. haha!! They were just so funny, I enjoyed by seeing them so hyper! Phei Wen kept singing in the car, which is my first time seeing her like that, what an honour!! LOL! Being yourself is what makes you happy and comfortable..

Anyway, I realized something, my life is filled with interesting people.. All thanks to God, that's what I learnt from the Word Of God to give thanksgiving and appreciate everything in life..Looking at things with a different perspective, not just on 1 angle..However, there is a range of possibilities if we choose to radiate it.. ^^ Feels like its been so long I never smile like that before ever since I came to W-11, I feel like a small kid too when I mix with them =)

This is Phei Wen, she's a character filled with animation!!She can make you laugh all day long! Her funny and cute action makes cheers you up..She never get angry before..She smiles a lot,and that is really healthy,lol! Even if she did something wrong,you won't bear to scold her cuz of her cuteness..

Even Cheryl is 13 years old but she's mature enough for a form 1.. She's quiet the first time you met her. After you talk to her more, you will found out that she is actually very active! A basketball lover.. Can easily trick her, thats for my case la..Lol!

Elaine Tan nice to play with, but sometimes she can really pull you down if you are messing with her..LOL! Careful if you joke with her..She do everything also cute la,don't know la..I think she is born like that..Kai Boon, Derrick and I cannot resist it too.. Sometimes she gives a statement that will stun you for a moment, LAUGH! XD

Sharon can dance very well, she just don't wanna admit it..Haizzz..This girl very funny wan if you make her crazy..hehe.. Sometimes she can be cute, sometimes she can pretty..LOL! Don't know transformer.. She's a drama queen by the way, can watch and also can act! XD

Jasmine is always smiling! She is blessed with a very nice smile even this photo doesn't display her smiling..Very cheerful, outgoing girl, can talk and relate to you.. She can be funny in the same time dealing situation that is unfavour with maturity.. ^^

Anyway, this is my post for today..Just feel like thanksgiving.. XD

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