Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just cut my hair =) no photos..

Oh no!! Just cut my hair yesterday night right after I went to the gym.. Actually all this while I've been considering of whether cutting my hair would be the right decision or should I just wait and keep it longer. For my own opinion, I think I should continue to keep it and looks nice, feels good. Most of my friends said my hair looks like so korean, Nelson,Jonathan. Lay Wing loves my hair the most,he cannot recognized me, he used to brag to his friend that he had a korean friend,which is me..Lol!! But my cell group members all encourage me to cut, Ian, my ex cell group leader always suggest that I should cut,haha!!

Well, I think I should follow others because some of them might right. I asked friends like Cleo ah,Ashley and all my other female friends whether cutting my hair would be the right decision. And you know what? The answer turn out to be a "YES!! YOU SHOULD! THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!" LOL! So haha!! I surrendered my will, hehe! I may think I look good with that kind of hair style, but others might not!

Yesterday after the gym, I went around USJ 10 Taipan to look for a nice hair saloon. I went around Taipan 2 rounds to search, finally I found 1 nearby. The guy that cut my hair was a professional hair stylist, I told him what kind of hair style I want, and he answer without any doubt and hesitation, it seems he is so experience cuz of his title on his name tag " PROFESSIONAL".. Feels more cooling and different after hair cutting, I became lighter..When I have long hair,it seems that I gain weight.

I went home and the first thing my family members said was "YOUR HAIR!!" They said I looked completely different now, nearly 60%, funny la, they can rate somemore..Anyway, what's done is done, no regrets now.. Be happy for my new hair. Lay Wing, your so called Korean friend has just cut his hair,haha!!

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