Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Justin Wong surprise birthday party!! =) 10 October 2009

Justin birthday was a great!! I think he is so touched on the inside..He just don't wanna say it out..haha!! Know him for 3 years d.. The first time I know him, he was shorter than me, and he always praise that I'm tall.. Now, he is form 5,he is taller than me..Time passed so fast, he was like a kid to me when he was form 2, and I was form 3, now all grown up. Taller d..Hahaha!! Anyway,let the picture speak for itself.
First, we were all so careful and taking care of the cake..Several times we light up the candle,we thought he was coming, but its not..Trying our best to make this surprise great..

The birthday boy finally arrived!!

Surprise!! And singing happy birthday song!

Complaining about the candle pulak!! Xp

Feel so shy shy ah..What should I wish for? (3 wishes)

I made my wishes!! ( 1 of it is to have a girlfriend.. hehe..)

Cut the cake!

The birthday boy is so happy to take with all the ladies!!
Next, our turn! Boys!
Take 2!!

Then after eating until 12am, we decided to take him back home. He didn't realized we had another plan,that is to splash him and soak him with water..Birthday bash!! But we didn't take any photos.. I wasn't there, have to go back,cuz its late..Hehee..! Wanna see la..How he feels..

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