Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vincent birthday celebration!!

Yesterday we have a blast birthday surprise celebration for Vincent Khaw 16th birthday!! Hhaahahah!! We all started by pretending Elaine Jr had an accident and she's in a bad condition.. Our purpose is to make Vincent shed in tears.. At first he didn't believe, when he reach, he saw blood (fake blood), guards( involving in the acting) and no entry sign because of accident. Jasmine act very well, Jeremy and so the others, we acted so frustrated, some of us cried. Ashley and Clarissa dressed in Nurse uniform giving aid for Elaine.. And Elaine acted well too, she looked so weak..Her voice feint.. Anyway let the picture speak for itself..
Oh no!! Elaine just had an accident!!

Clarissa and Ashley checking on her..Don't go Elaine!! T.T


Vincent( speechless) Recovering from shock

Crying..Success!! We made him cried! Happy birthday!!

3 Wishes...

Cut the cake!

Next,we move to the padang at usj 20

TV3 news! (fake) props for Vincent birthday surprise..haha!!

Everybody is happy!!

Photos session...

Thank you for making this film a success! Xp
SMK USJ 13 students and ex students!!

Vincent birthday card! Elaine spend a lot effort leh.. =)

The cast for Vincent surprise birthday! Ian bottom the director! Thanks for making this show a success!!

Vincent the victim!! haha!!

Sumo wrestling!! haha!! Silly idea..

Playing games in the basketball court and enjoying feast! Pizza and soft drinks..

Next! Vincent birthday present award!!

Faster guess what is inside la! All of us getting tired and sat down..

Opening...!! (heartbeating..drums rolling...!!!!)

Oh my!! IMBA wei! A new handphone!!
Group photos!!
Take 2!

Happy birthday Vincent, W-11 loves you so much!! Hope you enjoy your birthday celebration... Finally we wanna say GOTCHA!!! XD

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