Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 13 for Semester 2!

Finally, Semester 2 is gonna end soon!! haha!Stressful week haizzz.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the best! Hanging out with cell group and family!! Hahaha!! Made some new friends on Saturday, Elaine and Priscilia..LOL! Don't know why Elaine was so shock about my age when she heard I was just 18 years old..Her first guess was 20!! Oh my gosh! Do I really look that old, or am I just mature... Ahem!! XD haha!!

Me,Anote,Elaine and Priscilia! =)

Me and Anote =) Very good friends,used to be 1 of my sub team member under me,now he is back up vocalist..Proud of you man!!
Nice pose Anote...
This is after service..Having dinner in Face to Face, Elaine, Jasmine and me =)
After this week!! Assignments totally complete,now is left for studying and revision!

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