Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunway Lagoon outing!! 26th November

I realized ever since I joined W-11,my life became more interesting..More things to post on my blog..Actually there is more to post during this holiday..Some photos haven't uploaded here,waiting for Elaine to upload in facebook.. Few days back on Thursday, me, Elaine,Vincent,Justin,Phei Wen,Jeremy,Carson and Kai Qin went to Sunway Lagoon..Thanks to Justin we have free tickets entry for both wet and dry park...Haha!!

We ate our breakfast in Giant, Pyramid before going to Lagoon..
We decided to play wet park first,because it is so freaking hot..We hastily ran towards the beach and other wet park coaster..Luckily we are even numbers, so we paired up together..Anyway, we spent a lot of money there!! Especially the advance locker which is RM15, we struggled for food,lack of money...After having fun in the wet park, we decided to try on dry park..That is where my morale went down,because of dizziness,after the pirate ship we went to the spinning cup,spin till we guys cannot take it..But the girls somehow, Elaine and Phei Wen remain energetic went to play other park..

We guys rested there for an hour..Than Elaine took us for roller coaster ride, The Lost City,Snake,Orange,that's what they called..Hahah!! We played a few rounds,its quite fun though..After that, we went and take our belongings to the beach and took some photos..In the mean time, we enjoyed the wave! Felt so exhausted and worn out after the whole day, ate at Nan Jing restoran in Taipan..After fetching some of them back,me,Vincent and Elaine stayed back for yum cha, Jeremy,however was too sick to join us..So,he rested at home..
Anyway,there are more events before this too..Still waiting for Elaine to upload photos in Facebook..

Arriving happily!

We have a look at the tigers..
Elaine and I =)
Phei Wen and I
Awwww.. So cute Phei Wen..
My dear pet sister..
Sien pose...
Tsunami!!2012!! No! Just a minor wave..hehe..

Cute pet sister..Loves to camwhore a lot!
Time to pack up!

Waiting for the girls

Going back home!

More photos and events to come!! My blog and facebook became so happening..Thanks to W-11!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More past event photos, Ian's birthday surprise!

More photos..

Me hiding in Ian's place..
2nd surprise group photo..
Take 2!

Flash back to 1 week before.. The first surprise!!

Praying for Ian
The guys photo
Take 2
Take 3!
Ian took with the ladies too! =D
Me and Ian!
This is our 1st surprise in Usj 2
Lovely ^^
Ian's fake birthday present,tie!
Zheng Ta's birthday too! A cool spectacles..
By the way, this is " terminator'' Derrick, he was the fastest runner.. Xp
Poor Sharon get soaking wet!
Kesian Ian,so wet!
Zheng Ta also kena..
Ian and Zheng Ta hugging..Sharing the wetness.. XD

Anyway,all thanks to the cast and crews although there is some mistakes,like our secret leaked out! Thanks everyone for making Ian's birthday surprise a blast! I'm sure he must be touched! We all loved him so much as a cell group leader...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Wow! All 3 nights EMERGE THE RISING was a blast!! On Friday, we celebrated Sharon's birthday in pyramid in the morning at 11am..My dad's driver car cannot fit all 6 of us, so he dropped us at the park near usj 18 and came back with a bigger car, which is Toyota Unser..Hahha!! Once we reached pyramid, we met up with Sharon and Justin, we went to Bowling and waited for Phei Wen and Cheryl.. Then, we played 1 round of Bowling, so far, Elaine is the highest scorer in the girl's team, and on the guy's side, Zheng Ta, at first was Vincent but overtaken by him..After Bowling we went to watch 2012.. I rate 8/10, its a meaningful movie, showing lesson of humanity.. Made me ponder about the characters of men when trials happened..

Anyway, after the movie,we went for EMERGE Grand Opening!! Hahaha!! We managed to book sits for everyone for all 3 nights. Unfortunately on the second night, Jeremy separated with us not because he came late, but he had to take care his other friends.. The Grand Finale we sat together!! And we did enjoyed, this year I really enjoyed EMERGE with them, feels happy to Praise and Worship God,praying together with them..The final night was so touching..Pastor Kong preached a series of Caleb in the bible for all 3 nights, its very challenging and powerful..Honestly, tears drop during worship and praying.. I can still remember all 3 days the journey I went through with my beloved friends, when I recalled back, there are happy and sad times.. I'm really glad to be with them and be part of this event!! All for God!! I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!! Anyway, I met Jonathan and Andrew during EMERGE, my National Service friends!!

This is Su Lin,long time din c her d..
Take 2!
Today I went to Pyramid with Elaine and Vincent.. We went Sushi Zanmai, then watched Poker King... We played two games of Bowling! This time I scored the highest..Haha!! Don't know why I found out some little techniques of how to play..The first game I strike and spare a lot..I score 156 points! Second game not really good,momentum lowered d.. 65 points only.. Elaine and Vincent, they are my good friends, love them so much, its so nice to hear compliments from them.. So touching.. =D

Anyway, more photos to come including Ian's birthday sabo surprise and second surprise.. The first surprise was on Thursday night.. I pretended to ask Ian to have a discussion with me and Joy in USJ 2 park..He came, the plan kinda ruin by 2 reasons, first, he suspected because I accidentally sms him instead of Clarissa about the plan..Secondly, they came out early to sabo, I suppose to pray with him, and we sabo after praying,but I gave signal too fast..Anyway, I had the priviledge to pray for Ian..Second surprised was superb and perfect!! We sneak in his house using Chia Huey's spare key and hide..Some hide under the bed,in the closet,under the table,door side,toilet, balcony..It was so exciting,he didn't notice us hiding all this while,we came out and saw him,he had a shock of his life..Anyway, he promised to do his assignment by writing a blog about the surprises we gave to him..Our last surprise was after EMERGE, we gave him the scrap book..I think he was so blessed,nearly cried..hehe...

Anyway,more photos to come for EMERGE and other events, example.. Ian's birthday surprise 1,2,3, outing events...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It always end up like this...

Holiday!! Yay! 2 weeks! Anyway, after service we went to Midvalley to eat.. Little Taiwanese restaurant..Hahaha!! While we are eating, we saw this Michael Jackson like! He did moon walk in front of us and so we did the City Harvest cheer!! Took photo with this so called MJ!!

Anyway, I did self take photos, another words, camwhoring! Hahaha!! First time..Cuz I realized I have limited profile pictures in facebook for 2009,other profile picture are the past.. Just took this yesterday...

In the bathroom =)
My room...
Trying to search for right angle..
Remove sunglasses XD
Anyway, kinda EMO recently, haizzz..Love can sometime be complicated, you don't know what is the person thinking.. Everyday, I've been thinking of SOMEONE, recalling the past few weeks how fun I had when I'm with her, she makes me SMILE, cheering me up, she can joke, animated character.. We became good friends, in my heart I'm afraid it may end up badly.. I don't want it to come to true..But I screw it all up by making a wrong decision! Now everything changes, how I wish all this never happens, how I wish I never know her, how I wish to correct my mistakes by making the right decision..If I didn't tell, I guessed we were still good friends.. =(

This few days I've been worrying for my young pet sister, totally know how she feels, I can sense how hurt is she dealing with relationship.. I mean she love this person so much, she gave everything, she even knows him well, she cares for him, I felt so touch listening her story..I learnt my lesson to appreciate every small thing, a guy should not make a girl cry,meaning hurt deeply on the inside..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Events change people... O.O

Hahahaha!! Finals is gonna end soon! And then...Holiday!! Looking forward for EMERGE KL 2009, THE RISING!

I've been attending City Harvest Church since form 3 which is 2006.. Missed that moment, that time I was still young and ON FIRE for God! Hehehehe... I've been in W-11 since 2006 too..

I remembered the first time I attended cell group before church was 30th of December 2005 before New Year! Then I attended City Harvest sharp on the 1st of January 2006!!

Now W-11 is so happening,filled with talented and funny people that makes this cell group a better place, a family, where people call it HOME.. Anyway ever since I joined W-11 for 2 few months, I realized I took a lot of photos..hehe..

These are the photos taken last Saturday after our dinner in Taman Megah.. We fellowship near my park, under the hut..

Me and Jeremy, took by Cheryl..
Elaine and I, lol! funny girl.. Close friend of mine..
Again me and Jeremy, and again took by Cheryl..She loves taking pictures..
This pose suggested by Cheryl..Hahaha!!
Well, Cheryl took this picture again..
Ian teached us some magic tricks! lol! Its really amazing..
LOL! Once again Cheryl took this...This time Ashley came in..
Lol! Cheryl love to take picture...
Cheryl really nothing to do..haha!! Caught us..
Cheryl became a photoholic d... Xp

Anyway, anticipating this coming Friday!! Its gonna be a good day! =)