Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Events change people... O.O

Hahahaha!! Finals is gonna end soon! And then...Holiday!! Looking forward for EMERGE KL 2009, THE RISING!

I've been attending City Harvest Church since form 3 which is 2006.. Missed that moment, that time I was still young and ON FIRE for God! Hehehehe... I've been in W-11 since 2006 too..

I remembered the first time I attended cell group before church was 30th of December 2005 before New Year! Then I attended City Harvest sharp on the 1st of January 2006!!

Now W-11 is so happening,filled with talented and funny people that makes this cell group a better place, a family, where people call it HOME.. Anyway ever since I joined W-11 for 2 few months, I realized I took a lot of photos..hehe..

These are the photos taken last Saturday after our dinner in Taman Megah.. We fellowship near my park, under the hut..

Me and Jeremy, took by Cheryl..
Elaine and I, lol! funny girl.. Close friend of mine..
Again me and Jeremy, and again took by Cheryl..She loves taking pictures..
This pose suggested by Cheryl..Hahaha!!
Well, Cheryl took this picture again..
Ian teached us some magic tricks! lol! Its really amazing..
LOL! Once again Cheryl took this...This time Ashley came in..
Lol! Cheryl love to take picture...
Cheryl really nothing to do..haha!! Caught us..
Cheryl became a photoholic d... Xp

Anyway, anticipating this coming Friday!! Its gonna be a good day! =)

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