Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It always end up like this...

Holiday!! Yay! 2 weeks! Anyway, after service we went to Midvalley to eat.. Little Taiwanese restaurant..Hahaha!! While we are eating, we saw this Michael Jackson like! He did moon walk in front of us and so we did the City Harvest cheer!! Took photo with this so called MJ!!

Anyway, I did self take photos, another words, camwhoring! Hahaha!! First time..Cuz I realized I have limited profile pictures in facebook for 2009,other profile picture are the past.. Just took this yesterday...

In the bathroom =)
My room...
Trying to search for right angle..
Remove sunglasses XD
Anyway, kinda EMO recently, haizzz..Love can sometime be complicated, you don't know what is the person thinking.. Everyday, I've been thinking of SOMEONE, recalling the past few weeks how fun I had when I'm with her, she makes me SMILE, cheering me up, she can joke, animated character.. We became good friends, in my heart I'm afraid it may end up badly.. I don't want it to come to true..But I screw it all up by making a wrong decision! Now everything changes, how I wish all this never happens, how I wish I never know her, how I wish to correct my mistakes by making the right decision..If I didn't tell, I guessed we were still good friends.. =(

This few days I've been worrying for my young pet sister, totally know how she feels, I can sense how hurt is she dealing with relationship.. I mean she love this person so much, she gave everything, she even knows him well, she cares for him, I felt so touch listening her story..I learnt my lesson to appreciate every small thing, a guy should not make a girl cry,meaning hurt deeply on the inside..

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