Thursday, November 5, 2009

Karaoke Cell Group Outing!! 1st of November! XD

It was so fun last Sunday going out with the friends I love...Feels so happy and alive going out with them..After the service, Ian really trick on all of us saying that we have to postpone our karoeke outing till next time,and in the end we really fall for it haha!! One thing that keeps me pain in the neck is parking! As a driver,finding parking is difficult but thank God! After I took the ticket,miraculously I found 1 available park although there is many car passing by! Anyway, we paid rm20 each for the karoeke, we have lunch there,yum yum!

Yay! Group photo!

Everyone were hyper!

Drama Queen,Sharon singing! =)

Cute Elaine..

Sweef Sweet Phei Wen can really sing!

Paiseh! Who take this?


Aaron and I sing pairs! XD

Me and Elaine! =D

What is this man Leonard! Nevermind, I have the mic! hehe.. Xp

Me and Jeremiah! Nice food!
OMG!What are you guys doing?!

LOL! Ian too excited d...

Hahaha!! Finally we made Ian sing solo! Look at him..So passionate!

Awww..Elaine enjoying her meal.. XD
Derrick can sing leh! Finally he get to show his talent in this particular outing!

Clarissa is so into the song!

Ashley is always standing up while singing.. XD

Time just elapsed so fast! Haizzz... Anyway we have fun..Some of us stay back in pyramid to hang out, me, Elaine, Phei Wen, Sharon, Leonard.. Cheryl watching a movie with her friends..Its been so long I didn't watch a movie in cinema! Cannot wait for the film 2012..

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