Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More past event photos, Ian's birthday surprise!

More photos..

Me hiding in Ian's place..
2nd surprise group photo..
Take 2!

Flash back to 1 week before.. The first surprise!!

Praying for Ian
The guys photo
Take 2
Take 3!
Ian took with the ladies too! =D
Me and Ian!
This is our 1st surprise in Usj 2
Lovely ^^
Ian's fake birthday present,tie!
Zheng Ta's birthday too! A cool spectacles..
By the way, this is " terminator'' Derrick, he was the fastest runner.. Xp
Poor Sharon get soaking wet!
Kesian Ian,so wet!
Zheng Ta also kena..
Ian and Zheng Ta hugging..Sharing the wetness.. XD

Anyway,all thanks to the cast and crews although there is some mistakes,like our secret leaked out! Thanks everyone for making Ian's birthday surprise a blast! I'm sure he must be touched! We all loved him so much as a cell group leader...

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