Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quality times~

This few weeks I spent quality time not only with my parents but with my beloved cell group members. They are just nice people, I just got happier every time together with them.. Here are old photos took with them.. LOL! Elaine especially love camwhoring, actually thanks to her, I have more profile pictures.. =D

Elaine took me when I was driving...Arrrgh! I'm the driver Xp.. That's Phei Wen's hand by the way
Cute Elaine with my hoody..

Elaine and Phei Wen.. They really entertain me a lot during the traffic journey..Keep laughing..They said they often get hyper in my car.. XD

Elaine with my sunglasses..Cool!

Elaine taking me with her camera..LOL!
Take 2!

Here are photos took during Lantern Festival..


Let's play!

Playing near by my park..
Jer and I
Feel so young again =)
That is Vincent actually..


That's all for today..Tommorow is my finals! Gambatte! =)

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