Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunway Lagoon outing!! 26th November

I realized ever since I joined W-11,my life became more interesting..More things to post on my blog..Actually there is more to post during this holiday..Some photos haven't uploaded here,waiting for Elaine to upload in facebook.. Few days back on Thursday, me, Elaine,Vincent,Justin,Phei Wen,Jeremy,Carson and Kai Qin went to Sunway Lagoon..Thanks to Justin we have free tickets entry for both wet and dry park...Haha!!

We ate our breakfast in Giant, Pyramid before going to Lagoon..
We decided to play wet park first,because it is so freaking hot..We hastily ran towards the beach and other wet park coaster..Luckily we are even numbers, so we paired up together..Anyway, we spent a lot of money there!! Especially the advance locker which is RM15, we struggled for food,lack of money...After having fun in the wet park, we decided to try on dry park..That is where my morale went down,because of dizziness,after the pirate ship we went to the spinning cup,spin till we guys cannot take it..But the girls somehow, Elaine and Phei Wen remain energetic went to play other park..

We guys rested there for an hour..Than Elaine took us for roller coaster ride, The Lost City,Snake,Orange,that's what they called..Hahah!! We played a few rounds,its quite fun though..After that, we went and take our belongings to the beach and took some photos..In the mean time, we enjoyed the wave! Felt so exhausted and worn out after the whole day, ate at Nan Jing restoran in Taipan..After fetching some of them back,me,Vincent and Elaine stayed back for yum cha, Jeremy,however was too sick to join us..So,he rested at home..
Anyway,there are more events before this too..Still waiting for Elaine to upload photos in Facebook..

Arriving happily!

We have a look at the tigers..
Elaine and I =)
Phei Wen and I
Awwww.. So cute Phei Wen..
My dear pet sister..
Sien pose...
Tsunami!!2012!! No! Just a minor wave..hehe..

Cute pet sister..Loves to camwhore a lot!
Time to pack up!

Waiting for the girls

Going back home!

More photos and events to come!! My blog and facebook became so happening..Thanks to W-11!!

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