Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh my God!! New year is coming!!

New Year is coming!! Better prepare my new year resolution..Haven't done it! Anyway today from 9am to 10am, I had my business statistic exam..Quite easy,hopefully I did it correctly..At 3.30pm I went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie with Vincent and Elaine..Kai Qin, Jeremy and Jeremiah were there too,heard they took public transport there..Lol!

Anyway Alvin and Chipmunks nice man! Quite funny though, I like Alvin,but Theodore is just so cute,I had to say that,cannot tahan sometimes.. After movie, we went shopping,looking a jeans,shirt or vest for Vincent, its nice,but expensive..My first time went to Barbeque plaza downstairs near the ice skating rink..

Elaine taught me and Vincent how to use the equipment there, I love the pork meat especially when mixed with the sauce! Yum! Yum! However,just not enough for the 3 of us,again is because of the price..Haizzz... Finally I get to celebrate New Year's Eve this year, I remembered last year was quite sad.On the 27th of December I had to go for National Service..Now I finished all 3 months!

This is my family photo took last year 1 day before departing to camp,26th of December 2008!

Hehe.. Anyway, just got this so old photo during primary school!! Kinda miss them and the old times! 2003! 6 years back..My primary school classmates from Lick Hung,6A!

This photo was taken before Christmas..

This photo got from Joy's phone..I was testing her camera..lol!=)

Is this my last post for the year 2009? Will see then! XD

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jeremy's birthday surprise(1st of Dec) =)

This is Jeremy birthday surprise, just got the photos recently from Elaine's facebook.. This is how we surprise Jeremy: We prepared a big gold box to allow Kai Qin to hide inside, we sealed it before they came home.. Before that, Elaine gave us her house key so to let us sneak in while they were having family dinner outside..The plan is to wait for Jeremy to unwrapped the present,then the big golden box,once he unwrapped that box,Kai Qin will jumped and shout " This is Sparta!!" as a signal, then all the boys topless will go out and " rape" him.. XD Actually our plan is to play a treasure hunt along the trackfield outside his house but too bad its raining...

Jeremy unwrapped the present after came back from dinner =)

HMMMMM..Something fishy is going around here..
Surprise!! " This is Sparta!!!! XD

All the guys rush and rape him! =)
I just got punk! =p

Hyper! XDWe got a sweater from Topman as a present for him..
Happy birthday to you Jeremy!! =)
This ice cream cake is very expensive leh..
Make a wish!
Finally never forget to pray for our little brother.. =)

That's all update for now.. =)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Once a year Christmas~

Yesterday celebrated Christmas! Hahaa!! I joined Joy and the rest for lunch at 1pm in usj 20.. After lunch,we went to Shan Yong's house to watch a movie called " Push" . It was nice, telling about supernatural gifted powers to some humans.. Again it was used for military purposes.. The names are quite cool, mover,like star wars applying the force, bleeders,scream and make u bleed,watchers,predict the future by looking at some connection on pictures,sniffers,sniff an object and know the location,they can track you down,shadowers, shadow the object from sniffers..But among those,pushers is like the ultimate,control your mind! Time passed so fast,last week just celebrated Phei Wen's birthday..

Anyway,after watching the movie, I fetched Jasrynn back home. Me and Siew Mun went to pyramid to celebrate Christmas,hang out there.. Unfortunately, it was full! The cinema was flooded with people..So we went and eat. Zanmai was full as well, thank God that Kim Gary is not full,still have some sits available for us.. LOL! Throughout the whole journey in pyramid, we quite enjoy walking around looking at some sales around the shops..Mun Mun said pyramid is too noisy d... She wanna look at my house..I feel so paiseh,my house is a mess leh..

So,I brought her to my park first, I told her a lot of stories about my primary school times, about my cell members,how I came to church.. We were sitting on the swing and chat..Some people wandering there as well..They were too noisy too..So finally came to my house..I showed her my room d..Haizzz messy messy..After chatting for a while, we were totally worn out..At 12am, I fetched her back to Assunta..On the way, I was lost,went to KL,then we turn back and finally this time round,I got the right way.One single wrong turn is really devastating,you have to go all the way to find a U-turn..

So tired..Not enough sleep..Till next time update! New year is coming! 2010!! =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Past few days( Sharon and Phei Wen's birthday surprise!!) =D

The past few weeks we celebrated Sharon's birthday,me,Ian,Jeremiah and Leonard planned to have a fake cell group in Elaine and Jeremy's place on Wednesday.. Ian described the cell group to be somewhat special..Anyway, we hid Carson,Justin and Serene,Sharon's sister in Elaine's place..Haha! However, Carson was exposed when Sharon wanna go toilet and saw him hiding under the table..Anyway, Ian said that W11 is gonna multiplied..That time the atmosphere was so emo, Ian asked Leonard,Vincent to share their experience in W11,most of the girls cried..Awww...I'm giggling in my heart.. XD Then,we prayed..As we pray, I secretly inform Justin and Serene to get ready, after saying" Amen!" We sang birthday song to Sharon!

Serene came out surprisingly with a birthday cake after praying.. Xp

We finally punk her!! She cried..hehe..

Serene" Happy birthday jie jie!" Everyone" Happy Birthday Sharon!!"

Praying for this beloved sister.. =D

Yay! Gotcha! XD

Me and Ding Ding.. =D

Wonderful couple washing the utensils.. =)

Family photo..

Next is Phei Wen's birthday surprise..We meet each other in Medan near by church,getting ready the flowers, the "tik tik tam" something like fireworks..Hhahaa!! Its drizzling that day..We spent so much time cutting the leaves,removing the thorns from the flowers.. After they came back from IO camp, the guys hid in the toilet,but aiya! Phei Wen saw us d!

Happy birthday Phei Wen! Boooooo!
Sweet Phei Wen with flowers,she's like a honey bee.. XD
Cutting the cake..

We holding the "tik tik tam" LOL! She's like our celebrity.. =)

Group photo!
Praying for this celebrity junior ^^Present time!Wow!!Still got somemore!!Happy happy!! =D

That's all for today.. Will update next time.. =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas party at Elaine and Jeremy's place~

It was awesome that night at Elaine and Jeremy's place.. We were having our Christmas party there.. And this time,its a big party..50 over people jam pack in their place..Twice the number as last year! Met some friends from SMK USJ 13, my juniors to be correct.. We played games there..In the same time celebrating Derrick's birthday!! Hahaa!! We surprise him with the passing the parcel game..The parcel is covered with a lot of layers of paper..The final wan is for Derrick surprise..I'm sure he is bless! Hahaha!!

Practicing carols before the party begins..

Preparing the place...

Listening to the host.. SHHHHH!!
Time of Sharing!
Sharing the true meaning of Christmas
Time to eat!! Feast!
Performances by Elaine and Phei Wen!
Leon,the Santa Claus for the night!! =D
Performances by Zheng Ta,Jeremy,Kai Qin..Performances by Jasmine~

There's suppose to be more photos..Will upload soon! Next blog! Phei Wen's birthday surprise! Its before Christmas party..Hahaa!! Xp

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is not a poem,is just words to express my how I felt..I believe that we should express how we feel instead of hidden within ourselves..It can be express in many ways, it all depends on you.. So I decided to write it down..Sad story..Featuring once a close friends, because of me,screw up and mixed up with love that destroy the whole relationship.. =(



My mandarin kinda poor,haha! =) Will update next time! Chiaozzz!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas! Christmas! =D

Yay! Christmas is just around the corner man! We will be having a Christmas party at Elaine's and Jeremy's place this coming Saturday at 7.30pm. Yesterday we have a meeting at Taipan garden..A lot of things to prepare.Next meeting would be either this coming Thursday or Friday. Very busy.Furthermore, this week Friday will be my submission date for English assignment.

By the way,finally get to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve! Last year didn't get to celebrate that well because heading to National Service.Now I'm finally free! Hahhaa!! Wanna gather up with my long lost primary school friends,and some loved ones!

Anyway, I think I fall in love with someone,I feel happy when she's around me,she cheer me up when I'm depressed and emo since the incident happen to me..Kinda talked a lot with her.. But my heart still doubted about it. Am I falling in love? Let it flow.. =D

The high schoolers went for IO(Inside Out) camp in Cameron! So fun! Hope they enjoyed..I told them so many times that they gonna enjoy it!I love this photo personally,its like a wallpaper..haha! =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photos from EMERGE THE RISING! (20th-22nd of November)

Finally the photos are here! Hahaha!! Throughout the 3 nights we had extremely fun DURING and BEFORE EMERGE...Fantastic!

Cool =)

Playing dancing machine with mei mei =D

That's definitely not my hand..

Light bulb XD


Serving as an usher!

This are the cool pictures took for Sharon's birthday video..
We somehow looked like some korean group celebrities,eg..Super Juniors! Xp

At the end of the day.. Happy couples.. =D
So sweet! Congratz Leonard and Ding Ding!
Our group picture!

Christmas is coming!! Totally excited for it..