Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas! Christmas! =D

Yay! Christmas is just around the corner man! We will be having a Christmas party at Elaine's and Jeremy's place this coming Saturday at 7.30pm. Yesterday we have a meeting at Taipan garden..A lot of things to prepare.Next meeting would be either this coming Thursday or Friday. Very busy.Furthermore, this week Friday will be my submission date for English assignment.

By the way,finally get to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve! Last year didn't get to celebrate that well because heading to National Service.Now I'm finally free! Hahhaa!! Wanna gather up with my long lost primary school friends,and some loved ones!

Anyway, I think I fall in love with someone,I feel happy when she's around me,she cheer me up when I'm depressed and emo since the incident happen to me..Kinda talked a lot with her.. But my heart still doubted about it. Am I falling in love? Let it flow.. =D

The high schoolers went for IO(Inside Out) camp in Cameron! So fun! Hope they enjoyed..I told them so many times that they gonna enjoy it!I love this photo personally,its like a wallpaper..haha! =)

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