Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas party at Elaine and Jeremy's place~

It was awesome that night at Elaine and Jeremy's place.. We were having our Christmas party there.. And this time,its a big party..50 over people jam pack in their place..Twice the number as last year! Met some friends from SMK USJ 13, my juniors to be correct.. We played games there..In the same time celebrating Derrick's birthday!! Hahaa!! We surprise him with the passing the parcel game..The parcel is covered with a lot of layers of paper..The final wan is for Derrick surprise..I'm sure he is bless! Hahaha!!

Practicing carols before the party begins..

Preparing the place...

Listening to the host.. SHHHHH!!
Time of Sharing!
Sharing the true meaning of Christmas
Time to eat!! Feast!
Performances by Elaine and Phei Wen!
Leon,the Santa Claus for the night!! =D
Performances by Zheng Ta,Jeremy,Kai Qin..Performances by Jasmine~

There's suppose to be more photos..Will upload soon! Next blog! Phei Wen's birthday surprise! Its before Christmas party..Hahaa!! Xp

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