Sunday, December 6, 2009

Final month of the year!!

Finally!! Its almost end of the year!! Haha!! This is my final semester for Taylors Business Foundation,third semester,its a short semester with two subjects which is English and Business Statistics! However, my time is packed,the classes and hours are doubled! Thank God I get through my other subjects for last semester,otherwise have to retake..Now I can fully concentrate on Business Statistics! On the other hand, there are more assignments to be done..

Haizzz..By the way, I met Andrew and Jonathan during EMERGE, it seems God planned this..On the second night I met Andrew,he sat behind me..The final night I met Jonathan!! Finally we gathered and took pictures together..Unfortunately,Cleo wasn't there..Haizzz..Otherwise,she will be included in the our photos! Anyway, Andrew and Jonathan were my National Service friends!!! We are part of the Praise and Worship team in Perak Church! We've been through good times,bad times,troubled times! Always there for each other, the christian group there were strong! United!

Andrew,me and Jonathan!

They changed a lot! Last time in during National Service we were botak!

Just a short summary of my 3 months experience in National Service..I emphasized more on my beloved family christian group.. Anyway,anyone especially my National Service Christian group friends,please play the song "Mujizat itu nyata" or "God of my forever" while reading this, more inspiring.. =D I missed you guys a lot!

I looked so funny with spectacles and short hair back then..Anyway,these girls are nice people! =) So lucky to know them!

Grace was the pianist..

Eric the drummer,me guitarist,Andrew as the bassist

The vocalist,Yen Mei,Daniel and Cleo, rest are the choir members..
Leading worship..The church's pastor request us to present 2 songs..I was given the honour in the group to lead the team,so I chose 2 songs Mujizat itu nyata and God of my forever.. We practiced so hard and finally we present our song in that church! I brought the City Harvest spirit!! ^^

My christian team mates!In the bus
So happy!
We were like family back then.. =D

This was taken last day in church after 3 months...
Our christian leader for the camp,John and Grace!Wonderful couples,we celebrated their birthday in our final day in camp after 3 months,we cried T.T Wanna give thanks for all they've done throughout the whole camp..
Cheers to our christian group! We are so happening! At first day they were so quiet..

And I brought the City Harvest spirit..Now there's a huge transformation within them,we were so noisy,some of the people from Buddhist group came and joined us..And they never regret!! =D

They are more photos actually, just that they are too many.. I missed them so much! What a memory.. Although its been so long,but the melody will never stop playing in my heart..

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