Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!! =D

Yesterday we celebrated Jeremy's birthday! It was a blast! Hahaha!! We hid Kai Qin in a big box and seal it with gold paper..Than, we waited for him to come back home..Jeremiah is the spy to check the situation..As he was coming back,we went to his room and hide.. Ian told all the guys to be topless..But he himself didn't follow the code..Haha!! He said he was the general..Unfortunately, Jeremy caught Jeremiah red handed..But it doesn't end there..As Jeremy open the box,Kai Qin jumped out and shouted " This is SPARTA!!", all the guys rush out and hugged Jeremy..LOL! Pity Kai Qin, he was freaking hot hiding inside the box.. We gave Jeremy birthday present a hoodie,black and dark blue from Topman..Glad that he loves it..

This is our yeng zai Jeremy from W-11,brother of Elaine Tan.. =)

After that,we prayed for one another in a different group where some didn't communicate that often.. After departing from Elaine and Jeremy's place, I went to Petronas and helped them to top up each RM10 for Elaine and Vincent.. =)

Next post I will upload photos from the past which is before EMERGE! Hair cut transformation for Elaine and Justin in APT, Sunway Pyramid, Asia Avenue.. XD

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