Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Life with Happy people... =D

Before EMERGE on Wednesday 18th of November 2009 in Pyramid APT,Asia Avenue.. Me,Vincent went and teman Elaine,Justin in process of transforming their hair!! Elaine is cutting hair while Justin highlighting his hair..

Look at Elaine,so cute..Haha!!

Caught ya Justin..He doesn't want any photo shooting actually..Somehow we disobey! Xp

That burns a lot!!

Finally after washing his hair!!
Transformation!! Justin and Elaine! =D

While they are in process, we had nothing to do but camwhore..Hehe..

Paparazi =)

Take 2!
Elaine and Vincent suggest me to camwhore.. Sien..Increase my level of Self Taking photos

Elaine took me eating cheap ice cream near Giant which only cost RM1,whenever I passed thru there,I will probably buy it..
Anyway,this is last Saturday photo in Pyramid Topshop while we were shopping buying hoodie for Jeremy.. =D

Well,thats all for it! Still waiting for some photos to upload in Facebook!Especially EMERGE THE RISING!!

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