Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jeremy's birthday surprise(1st of Dec) =)

This is Jeremy birthday surprise, just got the photos recently from Elaine's facebook.. This is how we surprise Jeremy: We prepared a big gold box to allow Kai Qin to hide inside, we sealed it before they came home.. Before that, Elaine gave us her house key so to let us sneak in while they were having family dinner outside..The plan is to wait for Jeremy to unwrapped the present,then the big golden box,once he unwrapped that box,Kai Qin will jumped and shout " This is Sparta!!" as a signal, then all the boys topless will go out and " rape" him.. XD Actually our plan is to play a treasure hunt along the trackfield outside his house but too bad its raining...

Jeremy unwrapped the present after came back from dinner =)

HMMMMM..Something fishy is going around here..
Surprise!! " This is Sparta!!!! XD

All the guys rush and rape him! =)
I just got punk! =p

Hyper! XDWe got a sweater from Topman as a present for him..
Happy birthday to you Jeremy!! =)
This ice cream cake is very expensive leh..
Make a wish!
Finally never forget to pray for our little brother.. =)

That's all update for now.. =)

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