Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh my God!! New year is coming!!

New Year is coming!! Better prepare my new year resolution..Haven't done it! Anyway today from 9am to 10am, I had my business statistic exam..Quite easy,hopefully I did it correctly..At 3.30pm I went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie with Vincent and Elaine..Kai Qin, Jeremy and Jeremiah were there too,heard they took public transport there..Lol!

Anyway Alvin and Chipmunks nice man! Quite funny though, I like Alvin,but Theodore is just so cute,I had to say that,cannot tahan sometimes.. After movie, we went shopping,looking a jeans,shirt or vest for Vincent, its nice,but expensive..My first time went to Barbeque plaza downstairs near the ice skating rink..

Elaine taught me and Vincent how to use the equipment there, I love the pork meat especially when mixed with the sauce! Yum! Yum! However,just not enough for the 3 of us,again is because of the price..Haizzz... Finally I get to celebrate New Year's Eve this year, I remembered last year was quite sad.On the 27th of December I had to go for National Service..Now I finished all 3 months!

This is my family photo took last year 1 day before departing to camp,26th of December 2008!

Hehe.. Anyway, just got this so old photo during primary school!! Kinda miss them and the old times! 2003! 6 years back..My primary school classmates from Lick Hung,6A!

This photo was taken before Christmas..

This photo got from Joy's phone..I was testing her camera..lol!=)

Is this my last post for the year 2009? Will see then! XD

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