Saturday, December 26, 2009

Once a year Christmas~

Yesterday celebrated Christmas! Hahaa!! I joined Joy and the rest for lunch at 1pm in usj 20.. After lunch,we went to Shan Yong's house to watch a movie called " Push" . It was nice, telling about supernatural gifted powers to some humans.. Again it was used for military purposes.. The names are quite cool, mover,like star wars applying the force, bleeders,scream and make u bleed,watchers,predict the future by looking at some connection on pictures,sniffers,sniff an object and know the location,they can track you down,shadowers, shadow the object from sniffers..But among those,pushers is like the ultimate,control your mind! Time passed so fast,last week just celebrated Phei Wen's birthday..

Anyway,after watching the movie, I fetched Jasrynn back home. Me and Siew Mun went to pyramid to celebrate Christmas,hang out there.. Unfortunately, it was full! The cinema was flooded with people..So we went and eat. Zanmai was full as well, thank God that Kim Gary is not full,still have some sits available for us.. LOL! Throughout the whole journey in pyramid, we quite enjoy walking around looking at some sales around the shops..Mun Mun said pyramid is too noisy d... She wanna look at my house..I feel so paiseh,my house is a mess leh..

So,I brought her to my park first, I told her a lot of stories about my primary school times, about my cell members,how I came to church.. We were sitting on the swing and chat..Some people wandering there as well..They were too noisy too..So finally came to my house..I showed her my room d..Haizzz messy messy..After chatting for a while, we were totally worn out..At 12am, I fetched her back to Assunta..On the way, I was lost,went to KL,then we turn back and finally this time round,I got the right way.One single wrong turn is really devastating,you have to go all the way to find a U-turn..

So tired..Not enough sleep..Till next time update! New year is coming! 2010!! =)

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