Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Past few days( Sharon and Phei Wen's birthday surprise!!) =D

The past few weeks we celebrated Sharon's birthday,me,Ian,Jeremiah and Leonard planned to have a fake cell group in Elaine and Jeremy's place on Wednesday.. Ian described the cell group to be somewhat special..Anyway, we hid Carson,Justin and Serene,Sharon's sister in Elaine's place..Haha! However, Carson was exposed when Sharon wanna go toilet and saw him hiding under the table..Anyway, Ian said that W11 is gonna multiplied..That time the atmosphere was so emo, Ian asked Leonard,Vincent to share their experience in W11,most of the girls cried..Awww...I'm giggling in my heart.. XD Then,we prayed..As we pray, I secretly inform Justin and Serene to get ready, after saying" Amen!" We sang birthday song to Sharon!

Serene came out surprisingly with a birthday cake after praying.. Xp

We finally punk her!! She cried..hehe..

Serene" Happy birthday jie jie!" Everyone" Happy Birthday Sharon!!"

Praying for this beloved sister.. =D

Yay! Gotcha! XD

Me and Ding Ding.. =D

Wonderful couple washing the utensils.. =)

Family photo..

Next is Phei Wen's birthday surprise..We meet each other in Medan near by church,getting ready the flowers, the "tik tik tam" something like fireworks..Hhahaa!! Its drizzling that day..We spent so much time cutting the leaves,removing the thorns from the flowers.. After they came back from IO camp, the guys hid in the toilet,but aiya! Phei Wen saw us d!

Happy birthday Phei Wen! Boooooo!
Sweet Phei Wen with flowers,she's like a honey bee.. XD
Cutting the cake..

We holding the "tik tik tam" LOL! She's like our celebrity.. =)

Group photo!
Praying for this celebrity junior ^^Present time!Wow!!Still got somemore!!Happy happy!! =D

That's all for today.. Will update next time.. =)

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