Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chapter 68~ Final post of the year... =)

Final post of the year...Anyway, just received photos for modeling from one of our photographer.. Hmmmm...Not bad.. xD

This is just acting only...Remember! Acting only..

Anyway, I heard something interesting and shocking from my dad during dinner time.. I thought is a freaking joke..Previously, he gave me a lot of hints and clues.. This secret can only be reveal next year, no idea which month.. LOL!

Anyway,yesterday had a blast with my old primary school friends!! Me, Wei Xiang, Yi Hang, Seng Hon and our guest Mun Hin..Went to Gasoline and chat whole day long, ate lunch there..Then, we changed venue to Kim Gary to chat and have dinner.. Went to Meeples at ss15 to play games..Hhaha!! Really laugh our bellies out! We played the cockroach bluff game,balloon daring game, the cowboy board game..
Wei Xiang is peacing.. xD

That's it for now! Happy New Year 2011 guys!! =DDD See you next year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chapter 67~ Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday to my sister!!

Wow! Just too fast.. Can you please slow down time? Haizzzz.. A few more days and its gonna be 2011! Can't believe it! I still missed high school.. From pre-U to my degree! Next year is my second year! Oh my gosh! Then another year is my final year..Then, working adult, married.. So fast! Oh my! Anyway, today is my sister's birthday..The whole world celebrating Christmas Eve and in the same time her birthday..

Most of my friends back in hometown, some went for vacation,celebrating Christmas somewhere else.. What makes me wonder the most is why so many them went back Singapore? I mean like heard from a lot of them.. " Singapore...Singapore...Singapore".. Sien lo.. Love Christmas songs a lot!! Hear it often in shopping complex and else where in the restaurant..

Ate at windmill near ss15 celebrating my sister's birthday.. Now that I have Iphone, I can twit anytime on twitter of what am I doing and facebook!! Woohoo!! Ate my favourite medium rare steak.. Yum!Yum! And free gifts for ordering set..A teddy bear..Wanna give to a friend, a girl..haha!When I look back at 2010, its not bad after all.. Next year 2011, I wanna do something extraordinary, achieve my goals and vision..My new year resolution.. So when I look back..I will say " Hey, I have no regrets! ".. Gambatte!

Hahaha!! This was taken during combine cg.. Kalah in cg games...xDFinal cell group of the year!! xD

Oh! And I did preached in cell group! Hhahaha! The cultural mandate..Thats all for now..Next post will be my last post of the year ended!! xD ( Hopefully... )

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chapter 66~Just a few more days till Christmas!

Just a few more days till Christmas!! Yesterday hang out with my secondary school friends,Guo Yao,Young Wae and Zhi Sheng.. Epic wei yesterday when we are finding parking space..There's a kind dude show us the way to his parking space.. xD Watch " Tron Legacy ". Quite nice, an old video game converted to a movie.. Graphic is nice,however the plot is ok to me..

Anyway these are the photos taken on Wednesday, outing with Jeremy, Jet Cheah.. At night dota with Ryan Chong..
Camwhore with the hat in Brand Outlet near Giant..
With the sunglasses on!
Hahahaha! Funny wei..
Jet Cheah so drama wei...

Saturday going out with this guys again!! Excited for Christmas! =D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter 65~ Christmas Christmas!!

Woohoo!! Christmas is just around the corner...Planning to buy presents for family and friends!! Hahaha!! Figuring how am I gonna celebrate my Christmas with my loved ones.. Anyway, Jane Zhang Liang Ying blows me away man...Her vocal range is freaking high..When she sang Loving You and duet with Lee Hom 另一个天堂... Walao.. From key C3 till F#5.. She's like Shayne Ward..

My vocal class on Tuesday normally sang in mandarin song..Now my teacher is open to all songs, including English! Yay man! Haha! Wondering what song to sing.. Anyway, watched Due Date with Michael Yong, he still had 3 more papers to go for STPM! Zhi Sheng finished his paper, and he's in Singapore..Jealous sial...

My mum came back from New York, bought new shirt for me..Nice wei.. M size is consider big in US.. We had our final cell group on Thursday in Tissy's residence..

Watch it! Its freaking funny and whacky! =)

That's all for now..Ciaozzz!! =)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 64~ Oh no! Its december already..

Its already December d.. =.= Just too fast.. Gonna go for Christmas shopping,buy presents for my leaders and loved ones..Hehe.. This week nothing much, hang out with friends yesterday for steamboat..Parents in New York with my brother,coming back tommorow.. Anyway, these are the photos taken during SoTA.. =)

Really nothing much this week, haha! Till next post.. Chiaozz... =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapter 63~ Sometimes things didn't went well... =(

Haizzzz...Mum went for holiday trip.. So quiet at home..Today Dad is going US as well to visit my brother.. Anyway, last week so many things happen..Miscommunication between 2 parties.. Jonathan composed a new song, title " You and Me", there is another name for it too,but don't wanna mention about it.. We jam in Segi College last Friday..Ethan went for high school trip with all his west subzone leaders..

Heard they were having so much fun..Anyway, we celebrated Sharon and Jeremy's birthday last Sunday in church after service.. I went to pyramid, spent 1 hour parking.. So crowded and jam packed! HAIZZZ..Reached there for 15 minutes then have to leave again..Sienzz...

Kinda disappointed, few of my friends disappointed me... Well, may be God wanna show me that even you treated the person well and with sincerity, it doesn't goes back to you..It may return with bad results.. Thats happening to me.. Feel like releasing stress..This week gonna call out some friends to release the tension.. Anyway, I faced this situation so many times until I'm sien and fed up adi..

This coming December gonna buy presents for my friends,leaders and family!! Woohooo!! Hahaha!! Cannot love without giving, giving shows how much you love the person! xD Decided to throw away all the negative thoughts and focus on how to bless the person and the people around me.. =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chapter 62~ Holiday rocks!! xD

Woohoo!! Holiday!! Finally can enjoy my happy holidays!! Of course my dad suggest me to take extra language lesson or a job from my auntie.. Doing sales.. Hmmmm..Still considering what to do during the holidays besides just going out with friends.. Yesterday Sing K with Jane, Ethan,Jasrynn,Jeremy! Very hyper leh in the beginning..Energy level was superb! We sang from 9pm until 3am!! That's was so long! We grew tired in the end.. No more voice d..

Sien..I grew tired singing those hard songs..To a point need to pause the MV..Lol! Hahaha! Anyway, these are the long waited photos of I-City from Jasrynn.. =)


Group photo in the snowy area.. xD

The guys...
The girls..
Joy and I =) ( Act cute )=)xD"Hey short boy.."Comelnya..Naughty boys.. Xp

Thats all for now..I have music assignment to do.. LOL! Busy...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter 61~ Illusion.. But still praise God!! xD

Keith preached on " God Changed My Name" during the service!! Power sermon, although is hard solid bible study..But it still worth a while..Learn a lot of stuff.. Anyway, after service, Ethan,Jasrynn, Jonathan and I went to Cassian Kitchen to eat and hang out.. We hang out there until late night.. So many things to update and chat about!! Talking about girls ah, questioning here and there..Lol!

Is kinda sad, we didn't make it for SoTA, but we spent quality time together during jamming session.. Anyway, went to NewBox Karaoke yesterday with Jonathan, Ethan and Cleo after their bible study... We sang from 4pm until 7pm.. Then went to New Church building for meeting Emerge Jr.. Went and see what are the dance crew practicing.. Is been so long I didn't joined back the ministry..Haizzz..Missed it a lot..

Best thing was, Ethan and I shared and chat a lot during yum cha after back from New Church Building..Woohoo!! Hahaha! Secrets... We really can share each other thoughts..Lol! I'm good at visualizing..Didn't know that..hehe..Went back home at 2am.. Yawn~

Photos taken in Cassian Kitchen =)

Thats it for now..Ciaozzz.. xD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapter 60~ Holiday is just few hours away.. xD

Tommorow is my last paper..Accounting!! Hehee..Don't ever forget to bring calculator!! Woohoo!! Hopefully we can make through the State of Arts!! Encountered few problems in the studio.. Not open..Haizzz.. Need to record ah!! For the audition! Must enter finals!

Hahaha! Oh! Last Saturday we had dinner after service in Jojo Pan Mee..Then, we played board and card games in Meeples! Funny time.. There's a game called cockroaches..Basically, you must lied and lied to survive.. " LIED AND LIED SOMEMORE.. " The game is not about winning, is about not losing... Caught Jonathan a few times! And also Shan Yong.. Cleo is hard to catch..

We also play this game..Also some sort of surviving game..
Took by Cleo 2 weeks back..
Conquering the board..

Anyway, after my exam, I have so many plans.. Hanging out with friends, time to sharpen my vocal skills, guitar,piano.. xD Meeting with my old friends.. A gathering.. Chiaozzzz.. =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chapter 59~ Two more papers to go.. Tommorow another paper!

Woohoo!! We had ISB exam on Monday.. Its quite easy with the notes.. The rules is that you can bring in one A4 paper, A.K.A cheatsheet with notes to the exam hall.. hahaha! 2 pages filled with answers and notes.. xD Thanks to Zheng Yaw..

Anyway, we celebrated Indri,Jonathan Lim and Janice Wong birthday in Itallianese, Sunway Pyramid last Saturday after service.. Pastor Phil Pringle preached a very great sermon of Faith during the service..Although is simple, but powerful!! Totally change our mindset..

This are the photos taken during fellowship in Itallianese in Sunway, New Wing.. =)

Our cell group W28.. =)


Celebrated Sharon's birthday today in Red Box, Sunway Pyramid.. Sing K kao kao wei!! Training my voice.. I'm so glad God gave me the opportunity to learn vocal from a great teacher!! Chilla teacher!! Hehee.. With her lessons, I learned to sing with my diaphragm and chest voice.. Throwing the bad habit of using my throat to sing..It takes time.. Had a great lunch with Elaine Tan too on Monday in Cassian Kitchen, time for updates.. xD

Tommorow is Marketing paper! Then the final paper will be on next Friday! Accounting..Woohoo!! Gonna end the semester and begin my holiday!! =D Gambatte!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chapter 57~ November here I come!! 5th Arise and Build! =)

Wooohoo! Yesterday was a great cell group! We did a mock pledge for 5th Arise and Build.. Today Dr Phil Pringle is coming to our church to preach!! Pastor tried so hard to invite him to our church.. Is like once in a full moon..We definitely must treasure this moment!! Anyway, during supper.. Heard a lot of secrets..Haizz.. I kinda disappointed..

Its kinda sad when someone you trusted lied to you... Keeping the truth from you.. =( Anyway, Xin Yi wore her new dress!! Is nice..This is for her graduation dinner.. She said after wearing it, she don't feel like taking it down..LOL! Had a great chat with Jasrynn yesterday on the phone.. Sien leh, Monday is my first paper, then Friday, and the final paper is on the following Friday..

Struggling leh! Don't know what song to choose for my vocal lesson.. So happy that day on Tuesday, my teacher praise me, said that I can be so into the song, if my foundation and basic vocal is strong I can be a great singer.. And you know what! It seems that I'm using vocal technique d! Woohoo! I didn't use my throat, instead I sing with my diaphragm, breathing in and out.. =)

Oh!Yesterday had bible study with Ethan and Peter..Wen Dee taught us.. I jumped to Foundation Truth 1.. Second lesson.. Ten effects of God's Word.. Then later Dini asked me whether I can help in basketball for Emerge Junior..Dancing and Singing! Hhaahah!! Excited! After my finals, I'm gonna teach in guitar class! xD Passing down the legacy for the next generation! Its time!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapter 56~ Almost end of the semester..

Yay!! Coming to the end of the semester lo.. Next week is my exam, finals!! Haven't study yet leh! Today hardcore study in the library, my friends gave me all the tips for marketing, accounting, and ISB.. Giving me past year questions!! Woohoo!! I realized I was so focus that time, didn't even talk, concentrating the topic..

Anyway, this morning is my first time washing my own " Baby" car... LOL! Sien lo.. Everytime park near Asia Cafe under the tree, kena " bomb" a.k.a bird shit.. =.='' What la.. Feel la buying sniper gun to shoot those birds.. LOL! I nothing better to do, spray the water on Marita and my sister's car.. Haha!!

SPM students!! All the best!! Very easy only leh... Just keep writing never stop.. Just now have Praise and Worship practice.. Shan Yong just became my apprentice..He officially called me " sifu " I taught him guitar... OH!! We took part in the competition, is called States of the Arts, Jane Jee, Jonathan, Ethan, me and Jackson took part in the competition.. We are playing 3 songs, composed by Jane Jee and Jonathan, I played 1 electric guitar for 1 song, and 2 songs for acoustic guitar...

We just found the studio near ss15!! Cost RM25 per hour, another RM35 per hour.. We had our jamming session there..Its so fun!! Haha

This picture drawed by one of my Halo forest classmate for vocal class..Sharyn.. The twins is Sheng Yu, Sheng Han, behind is Yee Cheng, short hair is Joanne, I'm in the middle.. Feel so yeng... xD

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter 55~ Coming to the end of the semester!

Coming to the end of the semester lo!! Time passed so fast..Seems like just entered semester 2 not long ago!! Haizzz.. Last week cell group not that good. But, we manage to breakthrough! Its like a test or trial! First of all, we reached late in church, suppose to meet each other around 6.30 at church and go together. But we reached at 7.20pm like that. Have to fetch Jane and the assuntarians.. Then we went together..

Along the way, we encountered some problems. First, they lost me.. We met at Caltex.. Then, we lost John! We wait at Taylors Lakeside Campus.. By the time we reached Puchong, Shawn's apartment, its already 8.30pm.. I realized I lost my guitar pick and chords sheet.. Then we just have to go on without guitar music.. Acapella..

Furthermore, Ethan was sick.. What a bad day! While he's fetching the assuntarians back, John, Michael,me, Cleo, Seline ( Shawn's sister ) went and swim.. Nice chatting with Shawn's brother anyway, gave me a lot of riddles to solve.. He and Seline told us ghost stories, spooky experiences while swimming..The night is so cold, plus ghost story, its even colder!

Anyway, these are the pictures taken during Audrey Yong's birthday...

We ate at Full House =)
Audrey and I =)
Guys group picture.. =)

Will upload more photos for Jon's birthday may be for the last post of October.. =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 54~ Got back some past events photos from Michael!! =D

Yesterday was Audrey Yong's birthday!! Before going to celebrate, I went to Guo Yao's house to prepare.. He told me of his last minute uploading pictures during form 4 and 5!! I was kinda excited and tag myself..Hehe.. Memories.. Went to Audrey Yong's birthday at Kota Damansara, took some photos there.. We went back early after dinner at 11pm.. They planned to stay for Karaoke..Hehee.. We were so tired..Haizzz..These are the old photos..

During form 5, class trip to Genting..

Love this part..Played several times..

We were all so adventurous that time!!

Again for another ride!!

Crazy wei!!

During form 5, I love cool pose..

Cool pose again... Zzzz..In school..

Love to have fun with others..

I didn't know how to smile in front of the camera at that time.. xD

Woooo..Concentrating in class..Front row somemore leh..

With basketball mate..Shaun Lau..

Haizzz...Seriously time passed so fast!! Love the moments! I can still remember, I was kinda playful that time..Ever since after PMR, my friends introduced me to a lot of computer games, online games..I became so addictive that time..Will upload more photos soon in the present!! =)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter 53~ W28 Cell Group awesome!!

After multiplying our cell group, we became smaller once again.. On the day of multiplication, we divided to Assunta cell group, Taylors cell group and USJ cell group.. Our first cell group W28 led by Shan Yong held in Empire Mall the highest flour, we rent a room there.. hehe.. =) Its a gadget area... It has a plasma TV inside the room..

We decided to play ps3 or nintendo wii after cell group. However, they said is under maintanence..Haizzz..Anyway, we share how are we gonna manage our cell group in the future.. Loving new friends, give them the feeling of belonging, no left outs.. Creative ideas, new ideas for cell group! Oh! Ian had cell group there too.. But is upstairs and public, is spacious!Can hear them cheer, Praise and Worship! LOL! Proud of them!We took a lot of photos inside the room.. xD

Doof!! =D
Jonathan,Cleo and I... =)

Shan Yong's turn, our cell group leader!! =D

Stop the doof thing la!


The guys..


Act cool again..
So many photos..tired d..
Shan Yong is the only wan Doof"ing" Xp
And again... haha!
Cleo and I =)
Oh we went Macdonalds in ss15 to hang out, we wanted to play mafia..Because of the presence of guitar, we sang Praise and Worship in a big room again!! This time we close door..So hyper and happy! Will upload another photo of my cell group last Friday.. Sign off!!