Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chapter 10~ Old folks home visit and picture with Dolphin kissing! XD

Today morning my parents went usj 20 and take my cousin,Yee Sien along to Sungai Way to visit the old folks home..We took our breakfast in Green Leaf in SS15, anyway its been so long since I've been there,may be since standard 3? So long man..And this time I ate a lot of breakfast..American breakfast, then Nasi Kunyit..One big eating machine...

After that we went to old folks home, heard there was 69 old people living..Seeing them living there must be lonely, anyway its a blessing to show our love towards them, they clapped hands as we visit..Mum told me that there is use to have many outsiders came and give them ang pau and oranges, but then now economy is in a unfavour condition..Anyway I blessed them with oranges, each of them received two.. Haizzz didn't get to take a lot of pictures..Cuz we were busy..

One unlucky thing is that on the way, police caught us for no reason giving very LAME excuses of sueing us, other cars passed by, why we were the only ones caught? We settle through... You know! Haizzz..Corrupted LICHES! Later we went to pyramid, watch dolphin show..Hehe..Get to take picture with the dolphin kissing..

Awwww..My "pet"..

Yee Xien boy, my little cousin, even though he's young, 7 years old, but he is very smart..He took my family to one restoran called Bubba Gump, its based on the movie Gump forest liked what pastor told us in church..Hhee.. The food there was delicious..

Today movie I watched title " Paranormal Activity " . It was so paranormal man! Wei Xiang and Mun Hin told me is fake, somehow it looks real..It was based on the true story.. No effects for this movie, just pure live scene..In the end, the guy died, the girl remained unfound..Don't wann a talk much about this..If you wanna know, go watch it! Its not really much in the beginning, but the climax is where it starts.. Or you can ask me PERSONALLY.. =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 9~ Woohoo! Finals ends tommorow! =)

YAY! Today paper is business statistics! Hmmm.. Lucky I depart earlier from home..It was really jam on the road, took nearly half an hour to reach SS15.. Walao! Crazy leh.. Population rate has risen rapidly.. Haizz.. Once I reached outside the exam hall, I remain calm..I had my revision yesterday, so I don't panic or read my notes again..Stay away from negative people! LOL! Time to go in! It was really cool inside..

I remembered one funny incident, I thought I was able to hold on of going to the wash room until the exam ends. But I failed to do so, I shake my legs the whole time, cuz it's too " FULL" inside, gonna burst any moment.. Finally I decided to raise my hand and ask the invigilator for permission.. It was not difficult after all, just that I felt it was so troublesome and time consuming... =.='' .

Haizzz..! I shouldn't go around asking about the question, it will only bring me down.. There's a few question I didn't get it correctly..Haiyo! I went to Taylor's Business School to check my result for mid semester.. My assignment didn't score well!

Anyway, can't wait for tommorow paper! =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chapter 8~ Blessed 19th birthday.. =D

Yesterday celebrated birthday with my best friend, Yee Sing.. We went to pyramid around 12.30pm.. Walked around chatting..Lol! Its been so long we didn't chat.. She had to go back to Kedah today.. We booked our movie tickets, watching "Legion".. The film was quite nice..Its about War between angels.. Quite scary too man.. Anyway, Yee Sing and I went to Zanmai Sushi for lunch..Her first time there..Yum! Yum! We spent a lot of time talking about ourselves... Seems like back to the past how we used to chat with each other last year..

Anyway, we took some photos before going back..
LOL! Don't know what those two couples doing behind? Xp

Anyway, after that, I went to fetch Julian and Jocelyn for cell group.. Its a meeting, Joy is leaving to Singapore for Bible Study..So she wanna leave the cell group to us by explaining the procedure of how to run a cell group..Took down quite a lot of notes..After cell group.. I was kidnapped,blind folded,carried into the car and they took me wandering around,then, splash me with water..Walao! Kena kao kao..First time kena kidnapped..

Now I have 3 clothes for my birthday present,1 from my sister, 1 from Yee Sing!! 1 from my cell group members..So blessed..Hehe..Now I have clothes to wear! XD After the sabo we went Wong Kok to eat then chiaozz..What a blast! Although I think my description and statement doesn't sound interesting or fun, its just a summary of it.. Through experience, its 3 times better! HAHA!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chapter 7~ Oh no! Its coming! So fast!

Oh my gosh! Its coming! Aiyo! Why so fast leh? SOMEONE is getting older d..Haizzz.. I'm turning 19 this year tommorow at 1.45am.. Borned in Subang Jaya Medical Centre.. LOL! My foundation course is done..Now left is finals next week Tuesday and Wednesday. Last year because of National Service, wasted 3 months of my year! Anyway, I think its worth a lot too, met new friends there, and experienced great things!

So fast as time goes by..Looking back all the flash back! I joined City Harvest Church since form 3 in 2006! Never expected it to go through so fast! Walao! Looking back, I've been through a lot of things, seeing my friends grow, and some come and go... This was taken on 2008, beginning of the year around March.. =)

Me and Joy =)
I missed Elaine Sr(Centre)...
Group picture with Ian behind..LOL!
Me and Joc..
Elaine posing.. XpIan and me..His gun is bigger than mone.. XD

Jasrynn and Elaine..

Cool pose...
My beloved daughter =)

How I wished I'm forever 18!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 6~ A New Life is approaching... =)

Now I don't have class for the following week... But this week Monday and Tuesday which is tommorow and the day after tommorow I have listening exam and speaking test... Then,next week exam! By the way, I went to change spectacles, full frame,thicker after dinner with parents in Secret Recipe..Went to Focus Point to change spectacle lenses and frame,took quite a while, I was quite surprise, my eye power remains the same.. =) Anyway, my sister also change spectacles,following the trend.. Xp

Anyway, this are the photos taken last year..My mei mei, Elaine Jr wanna surprise Vincent in Zanmai Sushi... Then, we went for movie,watched " Poker King".. We also went for Bowling after that..

Yay! Green Tea ice cream..So funny.. =.=

Starring..Andy! (ME) =)

Cute mei mei! Elaine.. =D

Butterfly and Mr Lamer, Vincent! XD
Hiding from the camera..
So...Ok... =.=''We played bowling..Previously I scored 130 over.. =) Lost the momentum d..Photo of Christmas in pyramid..

That's all for today..Will update next time..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chapter 5~ Finally done!! XD

Yay!! Finally done with my business statistics assignment, made it on time..Tommorow have to submit the assignment for both english and business statistics! Hehe..Today I was anxious to go into the lab and finish off the assignment..

Long time didn't see Miss Caroline,she said I changed a lot in terms of my hair style..Hehe..I think because long d..However, I still think of changing my spectacles leh..

Haven't check my assessment(10%) marks yet..Wonder how I perform? Hopefully is what I expected..Heard that Miss Alicia gave us the results yesterday..Hmmm..Yesterday I didn't came for class, absence once! Xp Sien lo..

Anyway, yesterday I watched with my sister and maid the movie "17 again". The guy that act from high school musical..The story also gave the same message telling us to appreciate life,what you see in people from your own eyes doesn not prove anything, you must see deep within their heart.. Like what Pastor said, guys and girls are different..Thats why a lot of misunderstanding occurs..

Tommorow is the last day for my course..Then, next week is my speaking test and listening exam..Finally, finals!! Haha!! So fast man..Tommorow I'm gonna take my mock test for english, Jia you! Gambatte! =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 4~ Half way through it! =D

Today early in the morning already so jam on the road..This is completely a different story compare to last year 2009 man! Since the beginning of the year,its already traffic jam early 8am..I think because of school reopen gua.. Somemore today I have test for business statistic..Was nervous everytime I look at the time as every minute passed by..Thank God I thought the test will start at 8am, but instead it was said to start at 9am..

So, me and Willy went to the second floor to finish up our assignment.. And you know what?Thank God we manage to finish up everything! Collected all the source data, now left is just to comment and answer the question..Just that I'm a bit not sure about the last question..Haizzz...Anyway, the test was easy, I managed to finish up the 2 subjective question, as for the objective question, I'm hesitated a bit, 3 or 4 question not sure about it...

After the test, I called my mum to pick up from college..Yay! This is the final week! Next week 2 more lessons and its done.. Hopefully my assignment finished up completely by tommorow! All the assignments will be submitted wholely this coming Friday! =)

This picture was taken in 3K sports complex.. XD

Excited to graduate from my foundation course! That's all for today's post!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chapter 3~Hopefully can make through my assignment... =(

Haiyo.. Siao man! This is really insane! Because I'm march intake students, everything is accelerated,especially this short semester,currently the last semester for the course.. Last few assignments, like english journal,dateline is within a week..Have the rush and finish off in one day! Today my tutor gave us the assignment questions..

We have to do it through computer using the SPSS software... Haizzz.. Our tutor taught us everything in the first 4 weeks,now is the 6th week, hopefully I'm able to recall it..Crazy man..Today in the computer lab, me and Willy like struggling to finish up the assignment, we only have the source data, like the graph and table, we haven't comment.. I'm not sure whether I've done correctly.. Tommorow I have test for Statistics! Chapter 6,7,8.. Pray that I'm able to answer all..Must score d! XD

This week I will struggle in my assigment, post this to remember the hardship I'm going through now..Is always course work! Haizzz..Now I realized course work is not that easy.. Besides, I'm not really that good in computer.. For software purposes.. =.='' Hopefully can finish everything by tommorow..Sien lo..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chapter 2~ Past few events..

This post is about some past events photos..Like the Christmas production: Operation Save The World! Last year 2009 23rd to 25th of December..The excited moment is when all the lights are off and everyone hold a candle..Imagine the whole church filled with candles..Hehe.. During that time, I'm one of the choir members on stage holding the candle..

Can spot me? =)

Silent night....Ho.....lyyy Night! XD

And this is the Church camp I went to during 2006 when I was only form 3!! 15 years old! Like you guys Elaine! Jeremy! Sharon! Phei Wen! This is the youth camp I attended..Hehe..But its called SALT camp...

My friends.. =)

Everyone was there...

Very lala oh my hair..I following most of the people in church,cuz they dye blonde..

Singing XD

My group for the camp,name very funny,is called "toooot!tooot!tooot!"

This is during my form 4 year at 16 years old,I went for water baptism...

After baptism..

With Pastor Kevin.. =D

I missed those moments..haha!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapter 1~ May be I'm not ready yet..

This few days I've been thinking,should I go into relationship..Now that I have someone that I liked..But I don't really dare to say the word LOVE.. Do I love her? Cuz many things happen in my life now..And its really confusing..Besides, I have to handle my studies too,my ministry..So many things to do until to a point I do not have time to think about BGR( Boy Girl Relationship). My mei mei,Elaine taught me that,lol! Nowadays when we talked,we love to use short form..Hehe..

I have assignment to do now, and I have to handle some relationship things,should I tell her? That we just be friends? Haizzzz...Single life is simplier..I'm serious..You don't need to think so much..Life is more happier..I think I kinda miss W11 d..

Its like been so long since I met them..And I'm on HTV, talking about O'school dance workshop...Hehe..O'school dance was fantastic..I tell you, I think girls dance more pro than guys, I can feel the energy level rise up..But the guys also not that bad, very smooth... They did everything,locking,popping,hip hop,whacking..Walao wei...

This week service we have special guest in our midst..Pastor Derek! He is so powerful..I can feel the holy spirit so strong,I almost fell yesterday..First time experience that..Anyway,yesterday was Wen Dee's birthday!! After service, I ate with Joy in Face to Face noodle shop,than we went pyramid at 9.30pm to blow the balloons,because of static,the balloons keep bursting..

The whole shopping mall can hear it, we really caught their attention,until to the point the police officer asked us to transfer all the balloons outside..Hehe..At 10pm, the guys went to the 3rd floor with balloons standby to throw once the other group sang happy birthday downstairs..Everyone in pyramid was watching,they were happy for her as well..Haha! I think she was really surprise by us..Happy birthday Wen Dee!!

This is Wen Dee!

Till next post,I will upload the pictures we took during the surprise.. =)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Prologue~ Two more weeks towards the end of Semester 3 and the whole course!

Yay! Finally just few more weeks and my semester 3 is gonna be over! And my foundation in business course will be done..Haizzz..When I looked back, what a hardship time I've been through..Its so freaking busy man for March intake, as its an accelerating course..Subjects have to rush..Twice busier than other intakes!

Anyway, my last English assignment is writing a journal about a movie title " Cinderalla Man". At first I thought what sort of film is that? Featuring Cinderalla just that its a man instead of a girl? No, its featuring a man,famous boxer,an inspiring film,the man named James Jimmy Baddrock! He's the all time champion during the 20's and 30's..This film is based on a TRUE STORY!

Back then, the economy was facing a downfall, the great depression.. People is struggling for job opportunities..1 day 9 out of 100 will be accepted for job..If you are lucky enough to be selected from the crowd..However the income was low.. James. J Baddrock,A.K.A Bulldog,because he's furious! At first he was a successful man but then loses his job and license because of injury..He is facing financial crisis in his family,insufficient money for his family..But finally he persevere and break through! He got his career back as a boxer..And earned lots of money in the competition..Very inspiring film,worth to watch..Teaches you some values and lesson..Never give up!

By the way,my results for mid semester exam is out,for business statistics,I got good grades,close to distinction..As for english, Miss Sarah told us for the IELTS exam,because its advanced english,not many of us make it..I was nervous, I thought I was in the failing list as well, when she gave me back my paper, I score 15 out of 20!! Which is excellent,Distinction! Hehee..Never expected that..Miss Sarah at first announced I scored the highest in class,but later was mistaken as there is 1 girl score higher than me by 0.25 marks,which is 15.25..Its ok,second best! And the best among the guys! ^^ This is my praise report for cell group today! =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why being so SEX"IST?!! Tak boleh tahan!!

Just got my results for mid semester, it was quite ok..Not as good as I expected..Haizzz... Anyway, why some people like being sexist?! I totally don't understand!Especially this is so called species, GIRLS A.K.A WOMEN A.K.A FEMALES!! Why la! I give you a simple scenario, like when taking pictures, always take with the same species and same sex! Most of the camwhore pictures I saw is only girls,no guys around..

Change la girls =.=''.. Everytime conducting an activity, like games especially grouping team, you girls must be on the same team.. Then, during outing session or may be some yum cha session,always!! The girls must be together, sit together..Photo session also must take with girls, never a single time ask a guy to take picture together.. ASK LA! AND YOU WILL RECEIVE..WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?! The guy will be happy to take with you..

Cannot tahan la see this kind of thing.. I'm impressed girls that is open minded,but must have certain limits and boundaries also, so not to cause any misunderstanding or conflict to occur.. Why? Shy is it? We won't eat you or what..

Anyway, just came back from video shooting for the O' School Dance Workshop.. Last minute must choreograph one 8 beat dance step..Haha! But we did have fun there...

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year!! 2010!!

So excited for new year..This is my first blog for the year..Yesterday on New Year's Eve, I,Ka Hong,Mun Hin and also Wei Xiang went to pyramid for count down..Me,Ka Hong and Mun Hin reached here first at 3.30pm, we were facing parking difficulties at that time..I parked at the highest floor in CP7.. Lol! Wei Xiang reached pyramid at 5pm..After eating in Giant,economic rice..We went around walking talked some nonsense..Hahaha!! We wanted to play something,but then our pockets left with a little bit of money..

And so, we went to the nearest cyber cafe,its 3 months I didn't touch on computer games!! We went dota and most exciting game was Left 4 Dead 2!! It was so fun playing with them..Hahhaa!! Funny things happen! And its kinda difficult to play..Don't know who set the standard so high..I'm known for startling the witch,they all blamed on me for always startling her,cuz I love to see their reaction..They will just ignored and passed by her..But I must disturb her..LOL! And 1 thing I was horde, make the car alarm, then an army of zombies came after us..My friends gonna "thank" me for that..

We bought cards in pyramid..We sat at burger king playing cho dai di..Then, 10 minutes before countdown,we went outside and joined the crowd..Suffocating,too many people,we squeeze through the crowd and went to our parking..Unfortunately, I have to wait for the long queue..The line was long man..I waited for half an hour to pay my ticket..Wanna know how much it cost? RM8!! Sad..The worst is....!! We gotta wait in the parking lot of 2 hours!! Tired of waiting! So we listened some music and songs,off the engine,open up the window for fresh air, play cards!! Ahahaha!! Seriously, we played for so long,and we didn't move!! Reached home around 4am! But if we look at another perspective,it was quite fun though..Hehee.. =)

Well, thats all for my post..Till then!