Friday, January 8, 2010

Prologue~ Two more weeks towards the end of Semester 3 and the whole course!

Yay! Finally just few more weeks and my semester 3 is gonna be over! And my foundation in business course will be done..Haizzz..When I looked back, what a hardship time I've been through..Its so freaking busy man for March intake, as its an accelerating course..Subjects have to rush..Twice busier than other intakes!

Anyway, my last English assignment is writing a journal about a movie title " Cinderalla Man". At first I thought what sort of film is that? Featuring Cinderalla just that its a man instead of a girl? No, its featuring a man,famous boxer,an inspiring film,the man named James Jimmy Baddrock! He's the all time champion during the 20's and 30's..This film is based on a TRUE STORY!

Back then, the economy was facing a downfall, the great depression.. People is struggling for job opportunities..1 day 9 out of 100 will be accepted for job..If you are lucky enough to be selected from the crowd..However the income was low.. James. J Baddrock,A.K.A Bulldog,because he's furious! At first he was a successful man but then loses his job and license because of injury..He is facing financial crisis in his family,insufficient money for his family..But finally he persevere and break through! He got his career back as a boxer..And earned lots of money in the competition..Very inspiring film,worth to watch..Teaches you some values and lesson..Never give up!

By the way,my results for mid semester exam is out,for business statistics,I got good grades,close to distinction..As for english, Miss Sarah told us for the IELTS exam,because its advanced english,not many of us make it..I was nervous, I thought I was in the failing list as well, when she gave me back my paper, I score 15 out of 20!! Which is excellent,Distinction! Hehee..Never expected that..Miss Sarah at first announced I scored the highest in class,but later was mistaken as there is 1 girl score higher than me by 0.25 marks,which is 15.25..Its ok,second best! And the best among the guys! ^^ This is my praise report for cell group today! =)

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