Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapter 1~ May be I'm not ready yet..

This few days I've been thinking,should I go into relationship..Now that I have someone that I liked..But I don't really dare to say the word LOVE.. Do I love her? Cuz many things happen in my life now..And its really confusing..Besides, I have to handle my studies too,my ministry..So many things to do until to a point I do not have time to think about BGR( Boy Girl Relationship). My mei mei,Elaine taught me that,lol! Nowadays when we talked,we love to use short form..Hehe..

I have assignment to do now, and I have to handle some relationship things,should I tell her? That we just be friends? Haizzzz...Single life is simplier..I'm serious..You don't need to think so much..Life is more happier..I think I kinda miss W11 d..

Its like been so long since I met them..And I'm on HTV, talking about O'school dance workshop...Hehe..O'school dance was fantastic..I tell you, I think girls dance more pro than guys, I can feel the energy level rise up..But the guys also not that bad, very smooth... They did everything,locking,popping,hip hop,whacking..Walao wei...

This week service we have special guest in our midst..Pastor Derek! He is so powerful..I can feel the holy spirit so strong,I almost fell yesterday..First time experience that..Anyway,yesterday was Wen Dee's birthday!! After service, I ate with Joy in Face to Face noodle shop,than we went pyramid at 9.30pm to blow the balloons,because of static,the balloons keep bursting..

The whole shopping mall can hear it, we really caught their attention,until to the point the police officer asked us to transfer all the balloons outside..Hehe..At 10pm, the guys went to the 3rd floor with balloons standby to throw once the other group sang happy birthday downstairs..Everyone in pyramid was watching,they were happy for her as well..Haha! I think she was really surprise by us..Happy birthday Wen Dee!!

This is Wen Dee!

Till next post,I will upload the pictures we took during the surprise.. =)

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