Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chapter 10~ Old folks home visit and picture with Dolphin kissing! XD

Today morning my parents went usj 20 and take my cousin,Yee Sien along to Sungai Way to visit the old folks home..We took our breakfast in Green Leaf in SS15, anyway its been so long since I've been there,may be since standard 3? So long man..And this time I ate a lot of breakfast..American breakfast, then Nasi Kunyit..One big eating machine...

After that we went to old folks home, heard there was 69 old people living..Seeing them living there must be lonely, anyway its a blessing to show our love towards them, they clapped hands as we visit..Mum told me that there is use to have many outsiders came and give them ang pau and oranges, but then now economy is in a unfavour condition..Anyway I blessed them with oranges, each of them received two.. Haizzz didn't get to take a lot of pictures..Cuz we were busy..

One unlucky thing is that on the way, police caught us for no reason giving very LAME excuses of sueing us, other cars passed by, why we were the only ones caught? We settle through... You know! Haizzz..Corrupted LICHES! Later we went to pyramid, watch dolphin show..Hehe..Get to take picture with the dolphin kissing..

Awwww..My "pet"..

Yee Xien boy, my little cousin, even though he's young, 7 years old, but he is very smart..He took my family to one restoran called Bubba Gump, its based on the movie Gump forest liked what pastor told us in church..Hhee.. The food there was delicious..

Today movie I watched title " Paranormal Activity " . It was so paranormal man! Wei Xiang and Mun Hin told me is fake, somehow it looks real..It was based on the true story.. No effects for this movie, just pure live scene..In the end, the guy died, the girl remained unfound..Don't wann a talk much about this..If you wanna know, go watch it! Its not really much in the beginning, but the climax is where it starts.. Or you can ask me PERSONALLY.. =)

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