Monday, January 11, 2010

Chapter 2~ Past few events..

This post is about some past events photos..Like the Christmas production: Operation Save The World! Last year 2009 23rd to 25th of December..The excited moment is when all the lights are off and everyone hold a candle..Imagine the whole church filled with candles..Hehe.. During that time, I'm one of the choir members on stage holding the candle..

Can spot me? =)

Silent night....Ho.....lyyy Night! XD

And this is the Church camp I went to during 2006 when I was only form 3!! 15 years old! Like you guys Elaine! Jeremy! Sharon! Phei Wen! This is the youth camp I attended..Hehe..But its called SALT camp...

My friends.. =)

Everyone was there...

Very lala oh my hair..I following most of the people in church,cuz they dye blonde..

Singing XD

My group for the camp,name very funny,is called "toooot!tooot!tooot!"

This is during my form 4 year at 16 years old,I went for water baptism...

After baptism..

With Pastor Kevin.. =D

I missed those moments..haha!!

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