Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chapter 3~Hopefully can make through my assignment... =(

Haiyo.. Siao man! This is really insane! Because I'm march intake students, everything is accelerated,especially this short semester,currently the last semester for the course.. Last few assignments, like english journal,dateline is within a week..Have the rush and finish off in one day! Today my tutor gave us the assignment questions..

We have to do it through computer using the SPSS software... Haizzz.. Our tutor taught us everything in the first 4 weeks,now is the 6th week, hopefully I'm able to recall it..Crazy man..Today in the computer lab, me and Willy like struggling to finish up the assignment, we only have the source data, like the graph and table, we haven't comment.. I'm not sure whether I've done correctly.. Tommorow I have test for Statistics! Chapter 6,7,8.. Pray that I'm able to answer all..Must score d! XD

This week I will struggle in my assigment, post this to remember the hardship I'm going through now..Is always course work! Haizzz..Now I realized course work is not that easy.. Besides, I'm not really that good in computer.. For software purposes.. =.='' Hopefully can finish everything by tommorow..Sien lo..

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