Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 4~ Half way through it! =D

Today early in the morning already so jam on the road..This is completely a different story compare to last year 2009 man! Since the beginning of the year,its already traffic jam early 8am..I think because of school reopen gua.. Somemore today I have test for business statistic..Was nervous everytime I look at the time as every minute passed by..Thank God I thought the test will start at 8am, but instead it was said to start at 9am..

So, me and Willy went to the second floor to finish up our assignment.. And you know what?Thank God we manage to finish up everything! Collected all the source data, now left is just to comment and answer the question..Just that I'm a bit not sure about the last question..Haizzz...Anyway, the test was easy, I managed to finish up the 2 subjective question, as for the objective question, I'm hesitated a bit, 3 or 4 question not sure about it...

After the test, I called my mum to pick up from college..Yay! This is the final week! Next week 2 more lessons and its done.. Hopefully my assignment finished up completely by tommorow! All the assignments will be submitted wholely this coming Friday! =)

This picture was taken in 3K sports complex.. XD

Excited to graduate from my foundation course! That's all for today's post!

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