Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chapter 5~ Finally done!! XD

Yay!! Finally done with my business statistics assignment, made it on time..Tommorow have to submit the assignment for both english and business statistics! Hehe..Today I was anxious to go into the lab and finish off the assignment..

Long time didn't see Miss Caroline,she said I changed a lot in terms of my hair style..Hehe..I think because long d..However, I still think of changing my spectacles leh..

Haven't check my assessment(10%) marks yet..Wonder how I perform? Hopefully is what I expected..Heard that Miss Alicia gave us the results yesterday..Hmmm..Yesterday I didn't came for class, absence once! Xp Sien lo..

Anyway, yesterday I watched with my sister and maid the movie "17 again". The guy that act from high school musical..The story also gave the same message telling us to appreciate life,what you see in people from your own eyes doesn not prove anything, you must see deep within their heart.. Like what Pastor said, guys and girls are different..Thats why a lot of misunderstanding occurs..

Tommorow is the last day for my course..Then, next week is my speaking test and listening exam..Finally, finals!! Haha!! So fast man..Tommorow I'm gonna take my mock test for english, Jia you! Gambatte! =)

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