Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 6~ A New Life is approaching... =)

Now I don't have class for the following week... But this week Monday and Tuesday which is tommorow and the day after tommorow I have listening exam and speaking test... Then,next week exam! By the way, I went to change spectacles, full frame,thicker after dinner with parents in Secret Recipe..Went to Focus Point to change spectacle lenses and frame,took quite a while, I was quite surprise, my eye power remains the same.. =) Anyway, my sister also change spectacles,following the trend.. Xp

Anyway, this are the photos taken last year..My mei mei, Elaine Jr wanna surprise Vincent in Zanmai Sushi... Then, we went for movie,watched " Poker King".. We also went for Bowling after that..

Yay! Green Tea ice cream..So funny.. =.=

Starring..Andy! (ME) =)

Cute mei mei! Elaine.. =D

Butterfly and Mr Lamer, Vincent! XD
Hiding from the camera..
So...Ok... =.=''We played bowling..Previously I scored 130 over.. =) Lost the momentum d..Photo of Christmas in pyramid..

That's all for today..Will update next time..

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