Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chapter 7~ Oh no! Its coming! So fast!

Oh my gosh! Its coming! Aiyo! Why so fast leh? SOMEONE is getting older d..Haizzz.. I'm turning 19 this year tommorow at 1.45am.. Borned in Subang Jaya Medical Centre.. LOL! My foundation course is done..Now left is finals next week Tuesday and Wednesday. Last year because of National Service, wasted 3 months of my year! Anyway, I think its worth a lot too, met new friends there, and experienced great things!

So fast as time goes by..Looking back all the flash back! I joined City Harvest Church since form 3 in 2006! Never expected it to go through so fast! Walao! Looking back, I've been through a lot of things, seeing my friends grow, and some come and go... This was taken on 2008, beginning of the year around March.. =)

Me and Joy =)
I missed Elaine Sr(Centre)...
Group picture with Ian behind..LOL!
Me and Joc..
Elaine posing.. XpIan and me..His gun is bigger than mone.. XD

Jasrynn and Elaine..

Cool pose...
My beloved daughter =)

How I wished I'm forever 18!

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