Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chapter 8~ Blessed 19th birthday.. =D

Yesterday celebrated birthday with my best friend, Yee Sing.. We went to pyramid around 12.30pm.. Walked around chatting..Lol! Its been so long we didn't chat.. She had to go back to Kedah today.. We booked our movie tickets, watching "Legion".. The film was quite nice..Its about War between angels.. Quite scary too man.. Anyway, Yee Sing and I went to Zanmai Sushi for lunch..Her first time there..Yum! Yum! We spent a lot of time talking about ourselves... Seems like back to the past how we used to chat with each other last year..

Anyway, we took some photos before going back..
LOL! Don't know what those two couples doing behind? Xp

Anyway, after that, I went to fetch Julian and Jocelyn for cell group.. Its a meeting, Joy is leaving to Singapore for Bible Study..So she wanna leave the cell group to us by explaining the procedure of how to run a cell group..Took down quite a lot of notes..After cell group.. I was kidnapped,blind folded,carried into the car and they took me wandering around,then, splash me with water..Walao! Kena kao kao..First time kena kidnapped..

Now I have 3 clothes for my birthday present,1 from my sister, 1 from Yee Sing!! 1 from my cell group members..So blessed..Hehe..Now I have clothes to wear! XD After the sabo we went Wong Kok to eat then chiaozz..What a blast! Although I think my description and statement doesn't sound interesting or fun, its just a summary of it.. Through experience, its 3 times better! HAHA!

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