Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 9~ Woohoo! Finals ends tommorow! =)

YAY! Today paper is business statistics! Hmmm.. Lucky I depart earlier from home..It was really jam on the road, took nearly half an hour to reach SS15.. Walao! Crazy leh.. Population rate has risen rapidly.. Haizz.. Once I reached outside the exam hall, I remain calm..I had my revision yesterday, so I don't panic or read my notes again..Stay away from negative people! LOL! Time to go in! It was really cool inside..

I remembered one funny incident, I thought I was able to hold on of going to the wash room until the exam ends. But I failed to do so, I shake my legs the whole time, cuz it's too " FULL" inside, gonna burst any moment.. Finally I decided to raise my hand and ask the invigilator for permission.. It was not difficult after all, just that I felt it was so troublesome and time consuming... =.='' .

Haizzz..! I shouldn't go around asking about the question, it will only bring me down.. There's a few question I didn't get it correctly..Haiyo! I went to Taylor's Business School to check my result for mid semester.. My assignment didn't score well!

Anyway, can't wait for tommorow paper! =)

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