Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year!! 2010!!

So excited for new year..This is my first blog for the year..Yesterday on New Year's Eve, I,Ka Hong,Mun Hin and also Wei Xiang went to pyramid for count down..Me,Ka Hong and Mun Hin reached here first at 3.30pm, we were facing parking difficulties at that time..I parked at the highest floor in CP7.. Lol! Wei Xiang reached pyramid at 5pm..After eating in Giant,economic rice..We went around walking talked some nonsense..Hahaha!! We wanted to play something,but then our pockets left with a little bit of money..

And so, we went to the nearest cyber cafe,its 3 months I didn't touch on computer games!! We went dota and most exciting game was Left 4 Dead 2!! It was so fun playing with them..Hahhaa!! Funny things happen! And its kinda difficult to play..Don't know who set the standard so high..I'm known for startling the witch,they all blamed on me for always startling her,cuz I love to see their reaction..They will just ignored and passed by her..But I must disturb her..LOL! And 1 thing I was horde, make the car alarm, then an army of zombies came after us..My friends gonna "thank" me for that..

We bought cards in pyramid..We sat at burger king playing cho dai di..Then, 10 minutes before countdown,we went outside and joined the crowd..Suffocating,too many people,we squeeze through the crowd and went to our parking..Unfortunately, I have to wait for the long queue..The line was long man..I waited for half an hour to pay my ticket..Wanna know how much it cost? RM8!! Sad..The worst is....!! We gotta wait in the parking lot of 2 hours!! Tired of waiting! So we listened some music and songs,off the engine,open up the window for fresh air, play cards!! Ahahaha!! Seriously, we played for so long,and we didn't move!! Reached home around 4am! But if we look at another perspective,it was quite fun though..Hehee.. =)

Well, thats all for my post..Till then!

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