Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why being so SEX"IST?!! Tak boleh tahan!!

Just got my results for mid semester, it was quite ok..Not as good as I expected..Haizzz... Anyway, why some people like being sexist?! I totally don't understand!Especially this is so called species, GIRLS A.K.A WOMEN A.K.A FEMALES!! Why la! I give you a simple scenario, like when taking pictures, always take with the same species and same sex! Most of the camwhore pictures I saw is only girls,no guys around..

Change la girls =.=''.. Everytime conducting an activity, like games especially grouping team, you girls must be on the same team.. Then, during outing session or may be some yum cha session,always!! The girls must be together, sit together..Photo session also must take with girls, never a single time ask a guy to take picture together.. ASK LA! AND YOU WILL RECEIVE..WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?! The guy will be happy to take with you..

Cannot tahan la see this kind of thing.. I'm impressed girls that is open minded,but must have certain limits and boundaries also, so not to cause any misunderstanding or conflict to occur.. Why? Shy is it? We won't eat you or what..

Anyway, just came back from video shooting for the O' School Dance Workshop.. Last minute must choreograph one 8 beat dance step..Haha! But we did have fun there...

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