Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chapter 15~ Starting my University course tommorrow!! Xp

Tommorrow is the day where I start my university course! I'm taking International trade and marketing..Haha!! I used to study pre-U in Taylor's Business School for my business foundation.. After that I wanna proceed in Sunway cuz of the course I take, I prefered Australia programme for marketing and Taylor's only have UK programme..

Last few days I went out with my friends cuz when my class starts, I won't be as free as before.. Haizzz..LOL! Still on holiday mood la..Wei Xiang, Mun Hin and I went to Pavillion on Thursday..But before that, we went to the temple..Then, we lost our way going to Pavillion, we took an hour to reach there..Haha!! I introduced and recommend them dessert in Snow Flakes.. Anyway, we also lost our way coming back from Pavillion..LOL! After that, I joined Young Wae, Zhi Sheng,Guo Yao and his brother to eat steamboat...

Unfortunately, Yuen steamboat was fully occupied..Haizz..Never get to chance to eat steamboat with friends..However, I recommend them to eat Ayam Penyek! ^^ Haha!! I challenged them on spicy food..Young Wae was the stubborn wan to admit it was hot and spicy! He can bear the pain, but his face can tell, red like tomato..Guo Yao and his brother is the worst, they cried, stop in the middle of the meal,rest before continue to finish his food..Zhi Sheng is the only wan kept denying that it was hot and spicy, I bet RM1 for Zhi Sheng and Young Wae to finish one whole stack of sambal,they accept the challenge,one whole mouthful of sambal into their mouth..

I can see Young Wae tears dropping, Zhi Sheng however insist it was not as hot as he expected..Finally Young Wae admitted that it was hot and asked me why I brought them here to die? I mean that's the whole point, I can be evil.. XD Zhi Sheng told me there is a technique to taste spicy food without feeling its hotness..That is to swallow,without contacting the lips and tongue..Our mouth keeps burning man.. Ordered 3 rounds of ice water..

Haizzz..Gambatte for my university tommorow!! First week only have 2 hours lecture for each day only except for Wednesday...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chapter 14~ Family Clan gathering, I'm the 25th Generation! XD

On Monday my family went to a gathering in a school near Malacca, its our family Clan gathering..Now I can see all my cousins from different places..Quite pretty and handsome nia.. XD Haha!! This is also my first time seeing my grand mother siblings..LOL! Hope I can remember them even in the streets.. Our dress code is quite cool.. The elders wore green, next is adults which is our parents wore in orange, then us! Their grandchildren wore pink! Grand Grand children wore in red... LOL!

Anyway, I became uncle! Just promoted! LOL! Feel so old.. Xp This family Clan is special, now I realized and acknowledge my bloodline history.. All the way from Song Dynasty our forefathers which surname is ONG from the royal family, then Minister of Defence,until came to Malaysia during World War 2...I was simply amazed when they told us the story, of all the hardship they've been through.. I'm the 25th Generation..LOL!
This is the place =)
The ONG Family Clan..

My little cousin..
Me and my beloved relatives..
The 24th generation.. Haha!The guys in orange..
The women 24th generation...Haha!
The 24th generations! Men and Women...
The ladies of 25th generation! Haha!!
Pose!! =)We men of the 25th generation! =)

Present to you men and women of the 25th generation!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Formal pose..
Our lovely elders!
Enjoying our meal..
Lou San!
1 of our family tree branch.. Xp

Glad to know my background..Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chapter 13~ Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yay! Gong Xi Fa Cai, most importantly, "Hong bao Na Lai!" means ready to accept ang pao! Haha! Tommorow I will be going back hometown for Chinese New Year.. Anyway, I ask someone to pass to SOMEONE my valentines gift, but she will not know who gave to her.. I want it to be secret..May be she knows,who knows right? We have feelings,somehow we can feel.. Xp

Anyway, yesterday watch movie " Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief " with Guo Yao and Young Wae.. Oh by the way! Yesterday I saw my results! I'm in the graduate list for business foundation! Yay! Haha! My dad rewarded me with cash like what chinese culture do..Give you the money to buy whatever you like..Haha!!

OH! I spent dinner KFC a bit for Guo Yao and Young Wae, we had fun joking yesterday,giving funny jokes..Just cannot stop laughing.. The movie was average, quite nice la..Expected already from fantasy movie..Only a few fantasy movie I enjoyed, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings.. AVATAR! Haven't watch yet,but will watch during Chinese New Year! Hehe..With my family! usual yesterday,me,Young Wae and Guo Yao dota...3 of us did well in the beginning, for you dota players is called EARLY GAME..As for LATE GAME, we cannot handle the opponent..LOL! We expected to lose and before we play, we decided to lose, lol! Its kinda weird right? But we wanna try something different.. =) Later going KL with family for dinner.. Enjoy Chinese New Year guys! Have a prosperous year,and quality time with your relatives and cousins!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chapter 12~ Chinese New Year mood..

Chinese New Year is so super noisy man! Just now taking dinner with my parents in the new open restaurant in usj 16, walao! People eating la, fireworks for what, its really an upheaval, very disturbing, and annoying..Really..Every pop sound shakes your ear drum..You cannot resist it.. Anyway, this new restaurant is jam pack with people, because its new and everyone wanna try, the food there was not bad.. =)

My dad gave me a red chinese cloth, so " hong" man! Walao, I asked my mum why chinese new year they can do so many things, decorate the house, go buy oranges, so semangat.. I told them to do something for Christmas next time..Hehe.. My dad suggest to buy a Christmas tree and presents! Xp

Anyway, not to mention, Chinese New Year movie! Tiger woohoo! Its awesome, laugh till my lungs out( if you understand hokkien) funny lo, different from our Malacca hokkien.. Penang and Sarawak hokkien especially, their slang, one thumbs up! Hehe..

Anyway this is the photo taken during Cleo's birthday...

Till next time, chiaozz...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter 11~ One month just passed by like that...

Its scary sometimes time passed by so fast that we ourselves didn't even notice or pay any attention of it.. Anyway, looking at the positive side, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, kinda excited to go back hometown visit my relatives and all my cousins..

I watched movie with Wei Xiang and Mun Hin, its called " Paranormal activity". It was said to be a true story.. This movie was recorded in a week.. No effects, purely video camera.. Filming every single action happening in a house, all the spooky things happening in the house.. Although some people don't like it, but I personally enjoy it.. Probably because of my curiosity..

Hehe..On the other hand, I went to watch movie " The spy next door" by Jackie Chan on Sunday with my parents.. We went there early around 6.30pm, our first option was tiger woohoo, but all the tickets were sold out,therefore go for plan B..

It was full except for 9.30pm, so we have so much time to spend..LOL! We ate at Zanmai Sushi, it was quite full as well, we waited 15 minutes for an empty seat.. Later we walked around the shopping mall.. I went shopping with my sister to find and buy a valentine gift,lol! For someone special..We looked around for so long, thank God I went to Memory Lane and saw a few nice valentines card... I bought it as well, as for the gift, I will get it later...