Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chapter 12~ Chinese New Year mood..

Chinese New Year is so super noisy man! Just now taking dinner with my parents in the new open restaurant in usj 16, walao! People eating la, fireworks for what, its really an upheaval, very disturbing, and annoying..Really..Every pop sound shakes your ear drum..You cannot resist it.. Anyway, this new restaurant is jam pack with people, because its new and everyone wanna try, the food there was not bad.. =)

My dad gave me a red chinese cloth, so " hong" man! Walao, I asked my mum why chinese new year they can do so many things, decorate the house, go buy oranges, so semangat.. I told them to do something for Christmas next time..Hehe.. My dad suggest to buy a Christmas tree and presents! Xp

Anyway, not to mention, Chinese New Year movie! Tiger woohoo! Its awesome, laugh till my lungs out( if you understand hokkien) funny lo, different from our Malacca hokkien.. Penang and Sarawak hokkien especially, their slang, one thumbs up! Hehe..

Anyway this is the photo taken during Cleo's birthday...

Till next time, chiaozz...

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