Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter 11~ One month just passed by like that...

Its scary sometimes time passed by so fast that we ourselves didn't even notice or pay any attention of it.. Anyway, looking at the positive side, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, kinda excited to go back hometown visit my relatives and all my cousins..

I watched movie with Wei Xiang and Mun Hin, its called " Paranormal activity". It was said to be a true story.. This movie was recorded in a week.. No effects, purely video camera.. Filming every single action happening in a house, all the spooky things happening in the house.. Although some people don't like it, but I personally enjoy it.. Probably because of my curiosity..

Hehe..On the other hand, I went to watch movie " The spy next door" by Jackie Chan on Sunday with my parents.. We went there early around 6.30pm, our first option was tiger woohoo, but all the tickets were sold out,therefore go for plan B..

It was full except for 9.30pm, so we have so much time to spend..LOL! We ate at Zanmai Sushi, it was quite full as well, we waited 15 minutes for an empty seat.. Later we walked around the shopping mall.. I went shopping with my sister to find and buy a valentine gift,lol! For someone special..We looked around for so long, thank God I went to Memory Lane and saw a few nice valentines card... I bought it as well, as for the gift, I will get it later...

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