Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chapter 13~ Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yay! Gong Xi Fa Cai, most importantly, "Hong bao Na Lai!" means ready to accept ang pao! Haha! Tommorow I will be going back hometown for Chinese New Year.. Anyway, I ask someone to pass to SOMEONE my valentines gift, but she will not know who gave to her.. I want it to be secret..May be she knows,who knows right? We have feelings,somehow we can feel.. Xp

Anyway, yesterday watch movie " Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief " with Guo Yao and Young Wae.. Oh by the way! Yesterday I saw my results! I'm in the graduate list for business foundation! Yay! Haha! My dad rewarded me with cash like what chinese culture do..Give you the money to buy whatever you like..Haha!!

OH! I spent dinner KFC a bit for Guo Yao and Young Wae, we had fun joking yesterday,giving funny jokes..Just cannot stop laughing.. The movie was average, quite nice la..Expected already from fantasy movie..Only a few fantasy movie I enjoyed, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings.. AVATAR! Haven't watch yet,but will watch during Chinese New Year! Hehe..With my family! usual yesterday,me,Young Wae and Guo Yao dota...3 of us did well in the beginning, for you dota players is called EARLY GAME..As for LATE GAME, we cannot handle the opponent..LOL! We expected to lose and before we play, we decided to lose, lol! Its kinda weird right? But we wanna try something different.. =) Later going KL with family for dinner.. Enjoy Chinese New Year guys! Have a prosperous year,and quality time with your relatives and cousins!

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