Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chapter 14~ Family Clan gathering, I'm the 25th Generation! XD

On Monday my family went to a gathering in a school near Malacca, its our family Clan gathering..Now I can see all my cousins from different places..Quite pretty and handsome nia.. XD Haha!! This is also my first time seeing my grand mother siblings..LOL! Hope I can remember them even in the streets.. Our dress code is quite cool.. The elders wore green, next is adults which is our parents wore in orange, then us! Their grandchildren wore pink! Grand Grand children wore in red... LOL!

Anyway, I became uncle! Just promoted! LOL! Feel so old.. Xp This family Clan is special, now I realized and acknowledge my bloodline history.. All the way from Song Dynasty our forefathers which surname is ONG from the royal family, then Minister of Defence,until came to Malaysia during World War 2...I was simply amazed when they told us the story, of all the hardship they've been through.. I'm the 25th Generation..LOL!
This is the place =)
The ONG Family Clan..

My little cousin..
Me and my beloved relatives..
The 24th generation.. Haha!The guys in orange..
The women 24th generation...Haha!
The 24th generations! Men and Women...
The ladies of 25th generation! Haha!!
Pose!! =)We men of the 25th generation! =)

Present to you men and women of the 25th generation!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Formal pose..
Our lovely elders!
Enjoying our meal..
Lou San!
1 of our family tree branch.. Xp

Glad to know my background..Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! =)

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