Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chapter 16~ New experiences in Sunway University College =)

Wow! What a great experience in Sunway University College..Now that things are different.. I drive to college everyday..Park in the forest than walk across to college..Time seems to be quite flexible.. More on lecture than tutorials.. And its kinda hectic, cuz assignment is given already for Business Law and Management Organization and Behaviour.. These two subjects were quite interesting for me, kinda enjoy studying it.. As for economic principles and business statistic, I studied before in pre-U at Taylor's Business School..

Knew quite a lot of new friends there.. There are more friendly..New environment and classrooms.. More foreign students!! I knew this guy from Norway, he was so tall man.. If he plays basketball, I wonder how am I gonna tackle him.. LOL! Some lecturers possess a humorous character, very funny people..

Thank God I retrieve my student ID and password man from the Computer Centre..Otherwise how am I gonna access to Blackboard.. I knew this friend called Chew,lol! We always sit together during lecture.. Hope to meet more friends!! =) Kinda jealous cuz Julian will be finishing his finals this coming Friday and enjoyed his holidays until July, he's planning to take Victoria University course too,same like me, July Intake..

Anyway,when he entered July, I will be enjoying my holidays!! Haha!! Xp Its like a cycle man.. Planning to trim my hair this coming Sunday.. Still deciding..

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